Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Flood Outlook

NOAA has released its outlook for flooding this spring across the United States and it may not surprise you, but the eastern half of Kansas actually has an above average risk to see flooding. There are several factors that contribute to this outlook, one of which includes melting snow pack in the mountainous regions in Colorado. There has been above average snowfall in Colorado this winter, and as it starts to melt, the rivers will be carrying more water. Of course, at this time of the year, with springtime thunderstorms, we tend to get some heavy rainfall which will only contribute to the higher likelihood of flooding.

The weather pattern remains very quiet tonight and will not change much in the next few days. There will be a stronger system coming in this weekend, which may provide a better chance for rainfall Sunday or Sunday night. The temperatures will cool off Friday, but it should warm back up for the weekend. I'm headed to Pratt on Thursday to talk with school kids. I know we will have some pictures to post later in the week. Millie and I will be off for an extra day this weekend, so look for Ayna Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of above average snowfall in the Colorado mountains, the skiing is GREAT!! I recently moved back to Colorado from Wichita and I only wish I could have skied more this season. I'll just hope for the same next year!

Keep blogging Ross, it is fun to read up on Wichita events, even though I am now so far away.

shelly said...

Hello Gang!
I hope that everyone is enjoying the great weather this week, and after the winds of Monday, I hope it's calm and relaxing for everyone now!

A quick note to Melissa, I know you leave for Tampa tomorrow, so enjoy your trip, and have fun in the warm weather in Florida! I enjoyed seeing the picture of Rodeo. He looks pretty happy out in the sun.

I hate seeing both K-State men and women out of the NCAA tourney, but we still have KU to root for, and I expect them to make it to the final 4, but it will get alot tougher there!

I see that you are getting anxious for the river festival Ty. I know that you have a great one in Wichita. We have a good one here in Salina too in mid June. The food, the fun, and the entertainment is always something to look forward to. I hope that the weather cooperates this year, and that no one gets caught in a bad storm.

It looks like we might make it through March without a tornado warning in Kansas! I hope that doesn't mean that April will be full of them. I wonder who the winner of the contest will be...

Ross, I finally got to see the whole show of "Eye On The Storm". I thought that all the Greensburg coverage was great. All of the kids did a very good job reading their parts, and the info was super. You all did a fantastic job putting it all together!

Everyone continue to enjoy this great weather, and hi to all the bloggers we have been missing! Hurry back, we all wonder what you are up to!

Anonymous said...

When they say the eastern half of Kansas has an above-average risk of flooding, what counties make up the western boundary of that area? Thanks!

Melissa said...


Well, Colorado can keep the snow! Im looking forward to warmer weather and all the fun outdoor things to do in the summertime!

Shelly, Thanks, I do leave tomorrow and am VERY excited! I hope the weather in Tampa is as nice as it sounds!!! I wish Rodeo could come with me, but I'm sure he will enjoy himself playing with my friends dogs for a week.

Ty, I do go to the River Fest each year. Always seems like there are some good acts going on and the food is good too! (I love the roasted corn hahah) Im sad I will be missing Yappy Days while I am in Tampa, but Rodeo will be going with friends! =)

I hope you enjoy your long weekend with Millie, Ross. Hopefully the rain will hold out and you can both go on a little run.

I'm going to finish packing and get some sleep. I will see if I can get on the computer while I am in Tampa. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hope we don't have major flooding this spring. I am sure those in Coffeyville don't want to have a repeat of what happened last spring.

Ross, have a good time Thursday, I am sure the kids will learn a lot. Enjoy your extended weekend.

Hope everyone is enjoying this week, despite the cloudy days it has been a good week to get outside and enjoy the spring time temps.

Ty said...

Good Mornin' Ross & Fellow Bloggers,

I hope everyone is doing well. Jonathan I agree at least that the earlier part of the week was great...nice warm temps. Yesterday wasn't so pleasant though.

Well, yes I am very much lookin' forward to the Wichita River Festival, I take photographs through the entire event for the photo contest. I won the first year I did it and hope to win again!

Ross, I hope you and Millie enjoy your extended weekend and that your talk in Pratt went well yesterday!

Melissa we will miss you, have a great time in Tampa. Keep in touch. Is anyone else going to Yappy Days? I bet Millie would love it! I have a 90th birthday party to attend that will interfere for us going this year.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!


Melissa said...


How is everyone doing?? Tampa is great!! The weather is perfect. I guess last week was a little chilly, but that changed the day before I flew in. Its about 85 and clear skies everyday.

Did anyone go to Yappy days?? Any tornado warnings yet? Who is still in the running? I am still waiting since I guessed in April.

Well, I better get going. We are going boating today =) I brought my little zip lock bag with me so I can take some warm weather back to Kansas!

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

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