Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Out Like a Lion

Where did the month of March go? The month will end like a lion as we watch severe weather move across the eastern part of Kansas. The weather has been rather cloudy lately, and if you are waiting for sunshine, it will be here on Tuesday (for everyone)

The school talk in Pratt was a big success. I have at least one 5th grader who is pretty serious about being a meteorologist, which reminds me of the days when I was growing up as a weather junkie. I know there were some good pictures taken Thursday afternoon, and I hope to have them very soon. The kindergarten kids provided some good entertainment by showing me all of the weather books that they have been reading lately. Remember the TV show that Bill Cosby hosted many years ago "Kids Say the Darndest Things"? Well, I was reminded of that Thursday during my visit to Sacred Heart Elementary.

KU is on a roll in the NCAA tournament. Lawrence will be buzzing the next several days as the students celebrate the big win and begin preparing for Saturday. The Jayhawks advanced to the Final Four when I was going to school there (many moons ago) and I clearly remember how crazy Massachusetts street was the night they advanced. Now we will wait and see who the better team is... North Carolina or the Jayhawks. I guess we have the rest of the week to come up with a prediciton. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Boy that was a close one though!

I'm glad your Pratt talk went well! Kids are funny aren't they?! I'm looking forward to the pictures.

Was kind of excited to hear some thunder last night. I enjoy thunderstorms as long as everyone is kept safe. I'm happily ready to welcome more spring-like weather.

Keep up the good work Ross!

Ellie said...

Hi, Ross and Millie. The thunder last night made for great sleeping weather. I missed Millie on Saturday, when will she be on next?

shelly said...

Hello bloggers!
Wishing everyone a happy April fools Day! Let's just hope the weather doesn't fool us and we have some great sunshine even if it is just for one day!

A quick shout out to Melissa in Tampa! I hope you are enjoying the great warm weather there, and wishing you a safe trip home!! Please fill up that ziploc baggie with LOTS of Florida weather!!!!!

So glad to know the kiddos in Pratt had fun with you Ross. 5th grade is a fun age, and I'm sure they were very excited. They really can keep you on your toes.

Even though I'm a die hard K-Stater...I am very proud to root for the Jayhawks this Saturday. How cool to make it to the Final Four!! I will say, that Davidson game was a thriller. Now, we HAVE to get past Roy and the Tar Heels. What a match-up. Lots of emotion in that one.

Well, everyone stay dry this week, and stay safe too!! After all it is springtime in Kansas!!

Anonymous said...

I have never blogged before, but the new weather girl wanted me to get on to tell you what a terrific job you do. I wish it was always you and Merrell doing the weather....noone does it quite as well. You might tell her when she's doing the weather to not stand in front of the map, especially in the spot where Wichita is located. I can never see the map-she's always standing right in the middle of the screen! Keep up your great work!

Jonathan said...

Good Morning everyone!

Saturday was a great game, however, I would have liked the margin of victory to have been bigger than what it was.

Saturday's games should all be great since it is the first time that all the number one seeds made it to The Final Four. Hope that Kansas is able to win Saturday!

Glad the Pratt talk at the school went well.

Have a great week everyone!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the new weather girl- you are doing a great job.

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