Saturday, March 1, 2008

In Like a Tame Lion

Some would say March came in like a lion because of the wind that we had Saturday afternoon. Others might say it was like a lamb because of the sunshine. Either way, I have a serious case of spring fever, so even if we had just one more cold day left this winter, it would be one too many.

Millie and I went for a stroll Thursday afternoon. We have been long overdue for some good weather, but anyone that has lived here for awhile knows that March can be pretty ugly with wintry weather.
My trip to Greensburg was a very humbling experience. There has been a great deal of progress made, but there is still so much left to do. You'll see the segment coming up on March 11 at 6:30.

We are going to get some rain Sunday and eventually, some snow into Monday morning. The graphic posted on here is a rainfall prediction through Tuesday morning showing eastern Kansas could see up to an inch of rain. Snowfall amounts could be around 1-3 inches in southwest Kansas and we could see an inch here in the Wichita area by Monday morning. We will have an update Sunday evening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Melissa said...

What a nice Saturday!! I babysat for a while, then took Rodeo out for a walk. I could actually run outside Saturday evening instead of going to the gym. It was good riding weather as well!! Once again, it doesn't look like it's going to last. Rodeo says he is driving out of here and finding some warm weather. (He is not coming to Tampa with me at the end of the month, but I promised him I would bring back some nice weather with me)

Ty!!! Congrats!!!! You two must be so excited to finally meet the little man! (and exhausted!) He is adorable. Congrats again!

Shelly, I'm sure your goldens were just as excited about the weather as we were! Something to look forward to I guess =)

It's definitely a movie day today though. The skies are getting pretty dark. Maybe we could get a decent thunderstorm with the rain coming???

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ross, I look forward to the special on Greensburg. (as is everyone else) Enjoy your week.

Ty said...

Howdy All,

Ross I am really looking forward to that special on Greensburg for sure but unfortunately I may have to tape it since the storm spotter training for West Wichita is on that same evening and roughly the same time. Anyone else on the blog going to this training held in West Wichita on 03/11/08?? Ross are you or anyone else from KWCH going to be there? I know there is another class in April for Wichita but this one is much more convenient for me. Plus if something comes up, I can always attend the next one.

Wow we have had some changes in the weather...though it was VERY windy on Saturday it was warm and it felt good against the skin. Sunday started out nice but then the thunderstorms started rolling in. I enjoyed listening to the storms and the cool wind felt great blowing through the house, of course until it was too cool for the infant. But now this COLD "stuff" is back. This is definately a winter built upon teasing us with nice gives some than takes it away with a vengeance! Well I am still holding steady that SPRING will in-deed bring warm weather. On that note, only 15 more days until the first official day of Spring (as of 03/03/08)!!!

Oh Melissa, I am going to say in now in case I forget or don't make it on here...HAPPY BIRTHDAY (as of 03/04/08)! I hope you have a VERY SPECIAL DAY! Rodeo will take good care of you I am sure! Thanks again to you and everyone for the well wishes and emails, it was very sweet! We are excited to just have our lil' man home! It is now starting to sink-in that he is OURS!

I hope everyone has a great week and stay warm!

shelly said...

Hey bloggers!!
Well, Sunday was the strangest weather day I can remember for a long time! Here in Salina we had a warm morning, then we had thunder and lightening with a nice rain, then we had a cold afternoon and finished off with a nice little snow. Wild to say the least, but I am very glad we didn't get any of the bad weather they had south in Oklahoma!

Saturday was great! I took the dogs out for a very wonderful warm walk and it really did feel like spring! I'm sure Rodeo enjoyed it too Melissa, and I'm glad you could get a run in outside for a change! It seems we move ever so close to spring, and like Ty says, just a couple of weeks....

I am sure that Caden is settling in very nicely at home, and that our newest Mom and Dad are glad to be at home and getting into the routine. Gosh Melissa, Caden was almost born on YOUR birthday. In case I'm not around, I hope that you have a great day...any big plans?

I think the Saline County storm spotter meeting is March 14th, so I'll be able to get in alot of weather info that week along with the spring weather show airing that week on channel 12 as well. This is a good time to get caught up on all of the things to watch for...everyone needs to stay safe.

The rest of the week is supposed to be alot quieter, so everyone enjoy and I hope your getting some sleep Ty!!

Debbie said...

What a crazy weather weekend. Shelly summed up Salina well. Before I forget, Congrats Ty and Happy B-Day Melissa. Shelly I have the Salina weather spotter training as March 24th at 7:00PM at Nickell Barracks. This is from the National Weather Service link that Ross gave a while back. Unfortunately I have another meeting that night. Maybe I will try to catch one nearby so I will be up on the weather with the rest of the bloggers. Hope everyone has a great week. Can't wait for spring.

shelly said...

Hey gang
Hope everyone is getting in a little sunshine on this Tuesday, and for me, I'm waiting for next week to roll around when we will have warmer weather AND more hours of daylight!! I think having to turn the clock back earlier is a great thing. It will really help those of us that are getting really tired of these dark days. And we are getting alot closer to spring...right Ty?

Yes, Debbie, you are right, the Saline county storm spotter meeting is the 24th at 7pm. Sorry you can't make it, but there will be lots of good info on the spring weather show on channel 12 too.

Have a good week all, and stay warm....better days are coming!

Ty said...

Howdy All,

Hope everyone is well. I am not too excited about this cold front that moved in, but only 13 more days until the first official day of Spring (as of 03/05/08)!!! I am still hopeful that Spring will bring warm weather to STAY!

Glad to hear that many are gearing up for the storm spotter meetings, I know I'm excited!!!

The news at home is that Mom & Caden are doing great! The animals have accepted him nicely too! Our great dane cries & howls when Caden cries, it is funny, but a habit we are trying to stop.

Melissa, hope you had a great birthday! Just a few more days until my birthday as well (03/08). If all goes well we are planning to go to the Lawn and Garden Show that day...anyone else going to be there? Otherwise we would go Sunday instead as we already have tickets.

Well it is Wednesday, AKA "Hump Day" ...we are over the hump of the hopefully it is smooth sailing for everyone the rest of the week!!! Have a great day everyone and keep blogging! I love reading what everyone has to say!


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