Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008

It's been a busy week for school talks. I had 3 different talks on Tuesday, two of which were at Park Elementary here in Wichita. I visited with some Cub Scouts in Valley Center Tuesday evening and as always, the kids were great. Today is also Earth Day, and we will celebrate it one day later at Jefferson Elementary on Wednesday.

I know there are some pictures coming from the talks, so I hope to post them tomorrow afternoon. If you haven't checked it out yet, Millie has a bio now on the KWCH website. I'm going to add some more pictures to the slide show in the future, so be sure to check back often to see what's going on in her world. I recently added a picture of Millie's close companion, Ellie, so be sure to check it out when you can. I guess she is officially part of Storm Team 12 now.


Ty said...

Hey Ross and Fellow Bloggers,

There are so many different conservation efforts people can do if they on would think about the environment. I know I find myself guilty at times as well. Not purchasing bottled products, especially bottled water when a reusable cup and tap water are just as beneficial, using a canvas bag to take your purchased items home from a local retailer instead of the never ending plastic bags that collect around the house, etc...the list just goes on.

I think one big conservation effort we will be seeing is the gasoline fuel consumption, or perhaps the lack thereof, at least to an extent. This increase could help reduce our gas emissions problem, though I don't like paying the fuel prices anymore than the next guy! I forsee many people switching to hybrid vehicles for their fuel economy and they there are more options available now, plus people are trusting the technology. I'm sure if this trend continues, lots of things will change.

I challenge everyone to think "Green" and to change at least one thing you do to help the environment. It could be as simple as changing one light bulb to a compact florescent bulb, it uses 1/3 the amount of energy and will save you money in the end.

Have a great week EVERYONE! Think about it, as nothing can change until you do, it has to start somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Like Ty said, there are many different ways to go "green". However, I like to look at the money I am saving part more than how I am helping the environment. Something that I have learned in economics is that we, humans, are self-interested and when we see the savings we can make by going "green".

This is one reason why major businesses are going green; they are seeing that they can save money. Dillons for one is making a huge step, cutting down on the use of cardboard.

As time goes by the new technologies will become cheaper and more Americans will be able to be "green".

Enjoyed the new profile for Millie, Ross, and look forward to the updates to come.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Look forward to more people sharing their ideas on Ross' blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross and others, I think it is great that more people are starting to think more about going green. We have been switching out our light bulbs with a couple new compact ones every month. I have been looking into possibly switching to the old reel type lawn mower. We all need to protect our enviroment for our kids and grandkids. I think it is great that Ross is able to take his dog to work with him. Let's all have a great week and think green. Randy

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross! With the storms going through now, I have a question. I work nights and during the spring I love to sleep with the windows open during the day, usually just cracked enough to let a breeze in. With the lightning is that ok or do you recommend I just keep the windows shut? Thanks!

Melissa said...


I have been MIA for a while haha, but I can see I'm not the only one. I have been working a lot and enjoying the great weather (well, before the storms) We really have been lucky so far though. Not too many storms yet.

Ty, I am moving to a bigger house on the west side of town. It's been a bit stressful with working and packing. Now the closing date got pushed back. So little time to get anything done!! I should be moved in by May 4th. I was planning on going to WSU to see the KDFI concert, however, its looking as though I will not make it. Have fun though!!!

Ross, awesome pics of California!!! I can say I have only been to the airport in California. Living in Hawaii for 4 years makes it hard to really stop anywhere else!! It would have been nice to stop for a couple days! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!!

Okay, cutting this short. More packing to do. Hope everyone has a good week!! Ill try to get on more when Im all moved in!!

shelly said...

I hope everyone had a great Earth Day. I think next Tuesday is Green Day, so we need to keep thinking "green"! There are so many things to do that are so simple, and in the long run, we will decrease the carbon, save money, and help save the earth!!

It is good to see Melissa back, and I hope that all is going well with the house, and the moving. We moved to our house 2 years ago, and I swore I would never move again!!It is such a long drawn out affair. Packing, and unpacking. We moved in February when it was so cold, so I am glad you can at least have some nice weather.

Ross, I have enjoyed reading about Millie. You have some great pics! I think it would be great if we could find a way for all of us to download pics of our animals on the site since we all have them. It would be fun to share! Millie definitely adds a nice touch! I was in San Diego once, and I loved it there. It is a beautiful city and the Coronado bridge is awesome. Anyone who gets the chance should go there. There is so much to do!

Have a great weekend everyone. Hope the weather is good where ever you are!

shelly said...

We've had our first tornado warnings of the year.....who is the winner Ross!!

Anonymous said...

Shelly, I was wondering about that too, seems like that started along time ago, but in fact it really wasn't that long ago we made our predictions.

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