Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pratt Pictures Arrive

The adrenaline rush from the KU/North Carolina game finally wore off early this morning, but I'm still amazed at the outcome. Like many other KU fans, I thought they were going to loose it halfway through the 2nd half. It was very hard to focus on my weathercast Saturday night with the flurry of activity going on down in San Antonio. I know when you work for the media you are supposed to be neutral, but as a KU Alumni, I'm cheering for the Jayhawks.

There will be a chance for severe weather Monday night. Large hail is the primary concern with the storms that develop, but I think the action will hold off until after the big game. Can you imagine how many upset people would call the station if we interrupted the game for a weather update? Whew. I don't even want to chance it and I'm sure my bosses won't let me unless it was a life threatening situation.

Here are a few pictures from the school talk in Pratt. This is the Kindergarten bunch that made the morning so interesting. Thanks again to the staff at Sacred Heart in Pratt for giving me the chance to come visit with the kids. In the middle picture, I am showing the kids what an actual weather balloon looks like before it is inflated. The kids always seem to find the balloon most interesting.
Enjoy the game Monday night if you are planning to watch. I'll be covering some of Merril's shows this week, so you'll be tired of me by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!! What a game! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night, too bad you have to be watching it at work. :(

Great pictures...looks like the kids really enjoyed you!

Anonymous said...

It was a great game, KU just had to allow it to become interesting in the middle. I hope they can come out playing at the same level vs Mephis. It should be a great game!

Hope the weather doesn't do anything tomorrow, I think it was a few years ago the same thing happened during the Saturday games, but human life is more important than any game at any time.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Deb & Tammy said...

Keep up the good work. You are our favorite weather person! Ayna is doing a good job, too!

Melissa said...

The picture of you and the kids are great! Looks like you had a good time!! I was hoping for some nice rain and thunder for some good sleeping weather tonight, but I guess thats not going to happen. Im sure we will get more than our share, spring just started!

I really enjoyed the weekend weater! We got to go out and get some sun. It was a bit windy, but no complaints since the temp was improving. Will it ever stay??

There were some tornado warnings in OK today.. I am glad they stayed there and didn't make it to Kansas.

Other than that, just looking forward to a weekend off! How is the weather looking?

Anything new Shelly?? How are the pups?? How did the baptism go, Ty?? Enjoy the game everyone!!! Talk to you soon!

Ty said...

OMG the game was amazing...anyone that missed it would definately be sorry! Though I'm a Wildcat and this is hard for me but...PROPS DEFINATELY GO OUT TO THE JAYHAWKS TONIGHT FOR A GREAT GAME! It was definately an on your edge of the seat game...up until the end! I couldn't believe it...2.1 secs and the three point shot was made by Chalmers. Something amazing happened tonight for Kansas! Congrats Jayhawks!

Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks for asking Melissa, Caden's baptism went very well. Though he has been smiling for a couple weeks now, we hadn't captured it with a camera until that day! It was great and I was holding him. Children are just one of the most amazing gifts in life!

Ross, I hope you were able to get some work accomplished this evening with distraction of the AMAZING GAME!

Great pictures with the kids, you do so much for the community with your educational talks, thanks so much for helping to educate our future, you have such a way with people, it's wonderful! Thanks for all your dedication to KWCH! They are lucky to have you!

Have a great night all, hope the Jayhawks can come down from the adrenaline rush and get a good night sleep! ha ha

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