Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back from San Diego!

I was off for most of the week on a trip to San Diego and I have to be honest, it was like pulling teeth to come back home. The weather was so nice with highs near 70 and light winds, but it did get rather cool during the evening hours with the wind coming in from the ocean. I spent part of the time just watching boats come in and out of San Diego Harbor. If you are not familiar with the area, there is a huge bridge, the Coronado Bay Bridge, that stretches for 2.1 miles and connects San Diego with Coronado Island. Ships pass under the bridge, so it has to stand rather tall. The Navy has an air station on the north side of Coronado Island and it just so happened to catch this Navy destroyer leaving the harbor. The picture isn't that good because my cell phone had a smudge on the camera lens. There were several Navy Seahawk helicopters taking off from the air station as well, so there was plenty of activity to watch through the afternoon.

The afternoon at Sea World was awesome. Shamu puts on a very good show and for those sitting in the front few rows, yeah, you get soaked. The weather was rather cool that afternoon, so I took the high, dry route and sat above the "soak zone". It is amazing what the trainers can teach the whales and dolphins, but I'm sure there is an amazing amount of time that goes into it all.

It's good to back in the weather center. After all, Kansas is home and it's the weather I know best (I guess).


Guhn said...

Warning! See Please Here

Ty said...

Hey Ross,

GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!! Sorry to see that the spammers keep adding "comments" to your blog each time you post one.

I have never been to California, bit I hope to someday visit all 50 states. My journey is still long as I've only reach 11 of them thus far, but I guess I'm still young! (ha ha) Ross, thanks for sharing the pics, I always love to see pictures and love to take them too. I have also wanted to see the Sea World in San Diego, though I have visited the Sea World both Orlando once and San Antonio twice. I even got to swim with the Beluga Whales in San Antonio and that was amazing!

I wanted to say that today was BEAUTIFUL weather, it doesn't get much better than that....wish tomorrow would be a mirror image, but can't get EVERYTHING we want can we?!?!

Have a great weekend everyone and hope to hear from some others! Take care ALL! Glad to have you back Ross!

Jonathan said...

Glad to hear you had a great trip. Have to say I was envious after finding out where you had been all week, sounds like you had a great time and you deserved every minute. Hope the weather wasn't too tempting to lure you away.

Ty, today was a great day. Went to the WSU baseball game, and couldn't have picked a better day then the day I did. However, it would have been nice to have seen them win today.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Ty said...

So is anyone else going to the KFDI Listener Appreciation Show, starring Rodney Atkins with special guests Carter's Chord and Jimmy Wayne? My wife and I are going and very much lookin' forward to our first "date" since our son was born in February; WOW I can't believe he is 2 months old already!

I haven't seen much from Melissa or Stacey in quite a while on the blog, hope you are doing well! How have you been Shelley? Jonathan, it was a great day for a baseball game, too bad the Shockers lost Saturday but at least they were able to pull a win on Sunday!!! I hope everyone is doing well!

Looks like decent weather with warm temps this week yet still a chance of storms to keep the ground moist. Guess I'll be mowing before the

Have a great week everyone! Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Ross! Looks like a fun trip! :)

Anonymous said...

How cool. I just got back from San Diego, too. Were you at Sea World last Tuesday?

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