Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Greensburg One Year Later

If you've been watching the Early Show this week on CBS, then you've noticed they are broadcasting from Greensburg to mark the one year anniversary that is coming up on May 4th. They've been surprising the residents with special gifts that people from across the nation have donated to help those who lost everything that night.

I've been asked to do a story on the technology that was used the night Greensburg took a direct hit. It will hit the air Monday night during the 10 p.m. newscast. It wasn't a tornado, but it sure looked like one from the picture that Lisa Shaffer sent to us of a dust devil that developed outside of town. If anything, it was an eerie reminder of the big wedge tornado that tore across the area last year. Dust devils are usually caused by an uneven heating of the earth surface and then the of course the wind gets them spinning. They aren't dangerous, but winds inside of them could be as strong as 45 or 50 mph, just enough to stir up some tumbleweeds.

I think Mack will be our winner for the guessing game I had on the blog earlier this year. Mack, I'll need you to email me your address again so I can send you a few other items. You should've been a meteorologist because you are good at predicting!

My week wrapped up with a school talk at Clark Elementary School today. The 2nd graders were very excited to see the weather balloon and the cloud-in-a bottle trick, but I think with summer just around the corner, they have their minds on something else.
Get ready for some much cooler weather by the end of the week. May will start out with below normal temps for Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the seeing the story that you have been working on Ross.

I have been able to catch some of the stories that the CBS Early show has been doing.

Congrats Mack on correctly guessing the right date twice in a row. I wonder what his secret is.

I can relate to those elementary students. Doesn't matter how far along you get in your educational journey most can't wait till school is out for a break.

Have a great rest of you week everyone.

Anonymous said...

Wow - it sounds like you've been and will be pretty busy. We're lucky to have a meteorologist who is so hardworking and willing to give back to the community.

shelly said...

Hey bloggers,
Well, it has really been a pretty decent week, and the weather has managed to stay nice with no bad storms. The grass is sure greening up and all the flowers are sure beautiful. Spring has been really great the past couple of weeks.

I have seen some of CBS This Morning too. They have really done some great stories and some nice things for the Greensburg people. It is good to see these great stories coming from Kansas on the national news.

OK Mack. What's your secret? You definitely have what it takes to figure out Kansas weather. If you aren't a meteorologists, you might want to look into it!

How is the moving going Melissa? Are you all moved in yet? I'm sure you are enjoying all the unpacking!! Have fun in your new place. Hope Rodeo is liking his new digs!

So Ty, how is Caden enjoying this wonderful weather. I'm sure that he likes it as much as Dad does. I'm with Jonathan, and can't wait to see Ross' show. I like looking back and seeing how things are coming back today.

Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy the great springtime in Kansas!

Casie23 said...

you're my hero.

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