Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nature's Perfect Timing

Okay, so I have to tell you, we had a 30 minute meeting on Monday to discuss what we would do in the event severe weather developed during the KU/Memphis game. I tried to inform everyone that severe weather would wait till after midnight, but in the event that it didn't, what would be our plan. Well, turns out, severe weather started to develop at 11:30 Monday night, so Mother Nature finally worked in our favor and held off until after the big game. I'm still pretty excited about the outcome, but I had to catch up on my sleep Tuesday morning, so I don't have any championship gear just yet.

We will be watching for severe weather on Thursday as an area of low pressure moves into Kansas. Some areas will see over an inch of rainfall and for the first time in a long time, there is actually a pretty good chance western Kansas will see some good, measurable rainfall. Our FutureTrack computer is showing up to 1 inch of moisture possible in the Goodland area by the end of the day on Thursday.

I am doing a community talk tomorrow morning here in Wichita. If we get pictures, I'll post them by Thursday. Get ready for the rainfall!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

shelly said...

Hi Ross and all,

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!! (except at my house the chalk is purple) I was very excited for KU on Monday night, and I held my breath as Mario made the miracle shot. What a comeback!! I am so proud of the KU team and coaches. It will go down as one of the best championship games in history. And how classy to see Roy rooting for his old team with a jayhawk on his shirt. Very cool.

Glad to see Melissa is back and doing well, I only wish the warm Florida weather would have come with her to stay! I am glad Rodeo did well, and I'm sure you missed him alot. Our pups are doing very well, and they have been getting alot of extra walking and riding in the truck time lately. I hear next week is going to be a nice one!

It has been great to see Ross this week while Merrill is gone. You have been doing a great job Ross, especially with all the active weather we have going on tis week. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations on Cadens baptism Ty. I am sure he was very handsome for the special occasion. Catching those first smiles on film is always hard to do because they change their expressions so fast. I'm sure the pics are great.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week ahead. Once the rain settles down we can finally get our yardwork done. Can we get any help with that Ross? (the yard work I mean)

Keep writing all! Love to hear how everyone is doing.

Anonymous said...

Rock Chalk Jayhawks! It was a great game, I had given up the hope of KU making a come back, but kept on watching and glad I did.

Glad to hear that the storms held off, I could feel a difference in the air after they went through the area.

I tried to buy a National Champ shirt on Tuesday but they were all sold out by noon, think I will wait a few days before I try to get one again.

Have a great week everyone!

Anonymous said...


Just wondering why there seems to be a new trend of not showing the radar in motion anymore. So many times when it is raining, it seems the radar is shown stopped instead of moving so we know which direction the rain is going. Thanks.

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