Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another School Visit & Changes Are Coming!

The 4th graders at Explorer Elementary were nice enough to allow me to spend part of the afternoon with them. Weather balloons, clouds, and weather instruments were part of the discussion and the kids had some great questions for me at the end.

We should get ready for a change in our weather. First, we will have the warmer weather, and then a taste of winter as colder air settles in by Friday. Moisture will no doubt be lacking, so other than a few sprinkles or snow flurries, we shouldn't have much in the way of measurable moisture. The cold spell Friday and Saturday should be followed by another change on Sunday as warmer air rushes back into the area.

I'm going to see about another contest on the blog. Last year I had you predict the first one inch of snow for Wichita. Should we do it again? As always, the winner will get a prize. It won't be a new car, but it could be something equally as nice.


Anonymous said...

I am always up for another guessing game to see how badly I miss, but seriously though, it is all in good fun.

Not looking forward to the cold weather, but it is that time of the year.

Have a great rest of you week everyone!

Ellie V said...

December 2- 1 inch of snow.
I love Millie!!

Anonymous said...

Dec. 11th....1 inch
J :)

Anonymous said...

December 18. Two Inches.

kara said...

Hi, I'm going to say December 6th for the inch of snow.

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