Friday, November 7, 2008

Enough with the wind!

Even though we live in Kansas and we just grow accustom to the wind, Thursday was a bit much. It didn't matter what you were trying to get done outside, it was much more difficult with the 50 mph wind gusts whipping across the state. It's a good thing Millie is low to the ground or else she would've ended up in a different neighborhood after yesterdays bout with Mother Nature's wind machine.

We did manage to brave the wind elements and visit Kensler Elementary school. There was a small group of Girl Scouts that has invited me to come talk about Kansas weather. Millie went along for the presentation and I'm pretty sure the girls enjoyed her company. It's easy to tell when Millie has a good time because she wiggles her entire back end (because she's missing her tail) The girls had great questions and as a thank you for coming, I left with two cookies for the road. They were gone before I made it back to the station.

The weather is changing again this weekend. We could get some snow in Kansas by Monday, so be sure to join us this weekend to track the developing storm. Yes, it will probably come with more wind too. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Good job Ross and Millie. We really liked your presentation.

Anonymous said...

Snow already, seems a little too early. But I guess we will have to deal with it sooner rather than later. Kansas and wind go together but you are right that the wind has been a little too strong for my liking too.

Sounds like the Girl Scout's enjoy your presentation.

Have a great weekend everyone

Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

Millie looks like she is definitely enjoying herself!! I can't seem to keep girl scout cookies around for long. They are just too good!!

It's pretty miserable out today. I'm still hoping to wake up one of these days with the temp close to the 80's!

I think I'll go to the gym and then call it a night! Maybe make up some chicken soup or hot chocolate! Have a good week. =)

Anonymous said...

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