Sunday, October 18, 2009

Preparing for Winter

Wow, did anyone see the football game Sunday with the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans? It was snowing like crazy because of an October Nor'easter that had a good source of moisture. Snow isn't that uncommon in October for the northeast and it is a sure sign that the atmosphere is quickly transitioning. We'll be seeing more scenes like that very soon (maybe not in Kansas, but certainly in the mountains)

I'm still waiting on pictures of Millie in the wedding that took place last week. Check back very soon because I know they will be arriving shortly. The sunshine has been a welcome sight lately and are you enjoying the warmer weather? The normal high temperature is 70, but it was hard to even imagine that last week when the highs were struggling to get into the 50s. We do have a storm coming this week. It will get here Wednesday and almost everyone in Kansas will see rain and maybe a few thunderstorms. I don't think the atmosphere will get cold enough for snow, but we should be planning ahead for the winter. This week is Winter Weather Awareness week for Kansas and it is always good to review the terminology that you'll hear us use on the air, such as winter storm watch, wind chill warning, etc. Also, look over the safety procedures for winter weather driving, preparing for a blizzard, etc. We hope the winter doesn't get that bad, but when it comes to Kansas, we never know.

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Michael said...

Have you been seeing the GFS models for around Thurs. of next week. Wow...can you say COLD SNAP. lol still 154 hours out though.

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