Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slipping into Winter

The weather this weekend had me thinking I should've been Christmas shopping instead of thinking about Halloween. I'm posting pictures from Hays, Oakley, and then from North Platte, NE where the cold air was accompanied by snow and a little ice. Some places in Nebraska had 8-10 inches of snow, which is definitely a little too early in the season for them.

A big cold spell at this time in October is usually around for a few days and then replaced by a warmer airmass. But this week will be a cloudy one with chances for light rain and drizzle. It is the warm and cool air battling, and it's going to result in clouds and some rain from time to time. We probably won't get much sunshine until the end of the week or next weekend. Anyone suffering from allergies was probably happy to see the temperatures go below freezing this weekend, except in Wichita where we haven't had a freeze yet.

Millie survived the wedding Saturday. Pictures will be coming soon, but it may take a week or two. Meanwhile, my nephew Pate is growing like a weed. My sister-in-law sent a picture, so I'm sharing it with you. Have a great week. Try not to let the cloudy, damp weather get you down.

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Anonymous said...

Your little nephew is a cutie!

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