Friday, August 8, 2014

Hawaii storms and Kansas gets ready for more changes

We've been talking about the Hawaiian storms this week and finally, Iselle is making landfall today. Yesterday evening (Thursday), Julio increased in strength to a category 3 storm, but is expected to pass north of the Hawaiian islands. There will probably be some significant wave action for the islands, but it's unlikely there will be a direct hit. You can compare both of the forecast tracks over the next several days. Hawaii hasn't taken a direct hit in over 20 years. Amazing!! You can click on any image to make it larger.

24 hour rainfall totals from Kansas show:
Dodge City: 0.89"
Garden City: 0.59"
Great Bend: 0.55"
Pratt: 0.51"
Hill City: 0.46"
Russell: 0.45"
Medicine Lodge: 0.39"
Wichita: 0.33"
Liberal: 0.32"
Goodland: 0.21"
Jabara Airport: 0.01"
Salina: 0.01"

Storms will impact the area heading into Saturday night

Timing out the weekend rainfall is a challenge. I actually think the rest of Friday afternoon (today) will be dry, but we should see a few more storms Friday night, and what will likely be the best chance for rain over the weekend will be coming our way Saturday night. Storms from Nebraska will try to push south into Kansas and that will provide us with another opportunity for much needed moisture. Several areas had a drier than normal July, and Salina is close to 5 inches below normal for the year once again. We need the rain!

Pattern setup for next week. More cool air coming south
Next week, the weather changes again. We've got more cool air that will be coming south from Canada and the northern Plains. Our high temperatures will likely be in the low to mid 80s for much of the week. Monday and Tuesday look dry, but watch for widespread rain and storms to enter the picture once again by Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday storm chances will likely be the nighttime variety with Thursday bringing some off and on chances for rain and storms. But it definitely looks like cooler than average temperatures will be with us heading into the middle of August.


JoAnn Tomecek said...


We got 2 inches of rain by Timken last night/this morning. Just FYI.

JoAnn T

David said...

Good news all around!

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