Monday, August 25, 2014

Slowly changing pattern this week

So many of you have been requesting cooler weather and we definitely need the rain. Some of you may even be ready for fall, which is now officially, just less than a month away. Only 4 days this month have failed to reach 90 degrees or warmer. And get this, we've almost had as many 90 degree days this month as we had in June AND July combined. August is showing it's dry and hot side, something we didn't see much of during the early part of summer.
Weather pattern today
Some parts of northern Kansas can expect storms Monday evening/night, and there will be another chance come Tuesday over northern Kansas where a front is stalled out. Most of that activity will move east or northeast.

The big high pressure system to our south and east will finally ease up and start moving away to the southeast. This will allow for a storm system to move in from the western US, and that's when some of our best storm chances for the week will arrive. I'm expecting to start seeing more rain in Kansas by Thursday and Friday. And the temperatures should be cooling back into the 80s later on during the week.

Pattern by Saturday as a western storm system finally arrives in Kansas
The rainfall forecast is keeping the heaviest moisture in Nebraska through next Saturday, but you can see a large part of central and western Kansas has a good chance of getting .50-1.50". That may not be enough, but it's a start and more is expected next week too.
Rainfall forecast through Saturday (Aug 30)

If you are interested in Tropical Storm Cristobal, it's expected to become a hurricane in the next few days, but doesn't look like it will have any direct impact on the east coast or Bermuda. There will be some dangerous waves, but the brunt of the system stays out over the Atlantic.
Millie's ice bucket challenge. The video is on our Facebook fan page
Hopefully you've had a chance to see Millie's ice bucket video. She's a trooper for putting up with me so well. What I didn't get on video was her rolling around in the grass shortly after I dumped the water on her head. Just trying to keep her cool during this heat wave we're having.

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