Monday, August 11, 2014

Meteors, hurricanes, and back-to-school forecast

Our second full week of August means back to school for some students. The first day seems to get earlier and earlier every year. The weather looks very quiet this week and at least for the next few days, cooler than normal for August. Our average high is 91/92 degrees, but much of the state will only be in the 80s through Wednesday. And what may be the best news of all is that the humidity will be down too. Lower humidity also means little if any rainfall for Kansas as well.

There is a meteor shower taking place the next few nights. It's the annual Perseids meteor shower and even though the skies will be clear for much of the state, the bright moonlight will wash out most of the falling stars. But if you want to give it a try, Tuesday night is considered peak viewing, so head out and start looking just as soon as you can after dusk. The moon will be coming up just shortly after that, and the viewing will be less than ideal.

We received an updated hurricane forecast from NOAA last week. Good news is that the rest of the hurricane season is expected to be slower than normal. There is a 70% chance that the rest of the season will see below normal activity, and that's due to cooler than normal water in the Tropical Atlantic. Remember, hurricanes get their energy from warm water (usually 80 degrees or warmer) and if that ingredient is missing, you don't have tropical formation. There is also stronger wind aloft over the Atlantic, and when that happens, it has a tendency to tear the storms apart. We still haven't reached the peak of the season just yet, as that doesn't come until early September. Have a great day!

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