Monday, August 4, 2014

August heat, storms, and a short family getaway

Welcome to August. Summer is still not over, but with kids heading back to school, most of us are in the mindset that it's winding down. August is (on average) the third wettest month out of the year. Our average rainfall is about 3.50-4 inches, and our normal high goes from 92 at the start of the month down to 89. Last year, we had almost 5.50 inches of rain in just the first 5 days. Normally, we don't expect a lot of change in the summer weather around here in August, but with July having some cool spells, will we see that come back this month? There is a chance the cooler than average weather will be back in the middle or end of August, but here at the beginning, temperatures are going to be near or slightly above normal.

This week looks to stay hot with highs in the 90s. It could be a lot hotter, but I don't see widespread triple digits for the area anytime soon.

Rain chances will be increasing for western Kansas Tuesday evening. That looks to be the first chance this week for rain. Everyone else will be looking at chances for storms by Wednesday.

If you get missed by the storms Wednesday, there should be some much better chances by the end of the week. We will focus on that Tuesday.

Millie and I will be back on the air this evening. We had a very short, family getaway to Breckenridge, Colorado over the weekend. It was a chance to spend some quality time with my family and we had a great time. Below is a picture with my two oldest nephews up along the Continental Divide. I think we have a couple of hikers in the making (maybe the next Lewis and Clark)

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Art H. said...

Glad you got away to Colorado. We love going out there, particularly the western slope where our oldest son and family live.

Let it rain!!!

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