Monday, April 6, 2015

More severe weather chances

Courtesy Jerry Dieckman - Webb Road
Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. If you had some limbs to clean up after last weeks storms, you weren't alone. I had some small branches and trash to clean up after the strong winds ripped through my area, but it wasn't anything major.

We are focused on more stormy weather in the week ahead. I've highlighted an area (on the FutureTrack graphic) that could see a few storms Tuesday night. Some hail and wind appear possible with those storms, but the main attention is centered on a big low pressure system in the west. Once it finally begins to move east, it's going to encounter some rich moisture moving up through the central Plains. I mentioned this in a blog entry last week, but forecasting severe weather is not an easy task. So many things have to come together at the right time, and if even one of them is off or missing, it changes the outlook. I expect a front will stretch across Kansas and into Missouri on Wednesday. This should provide some focus for storms to pop up in central and eastern Kansas, and the timing looks to be late afternoon and evening (about what you'd expect this time of year) All modes of severe weather look possible, including a few isolated tornadoes.

By Thursday and Friday, the weather should settle down considerably!!

Did you catch the quick lunar eclipse Saturday morning? Joe Montiel sent in a few pictures if you missed it. It was commonly known as the "blood moon"... for the deep red color it had for about 5 minutes. Mark your calendars because there is another one coming up on September 27/28 this year. It will be a total lunar eclipse and the entire thing should be visible around here... unless it's cloudy of course.

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