Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Brief break from the Arctic... and potential storm brewing next week

From Saint Joseph, MI

The weather will be going through some big changes in the coming days. We've been on the edge of Arctic air for most of the week. Highs in the single digits have been common across Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois. But thanks to a southwest wind today and sunshine, we are headed back into the 50s. We could call this a January thaw, but the fact of the matter is, it really hasn't been that cold for very long this winter. 

The storm track this week has been coming from the north, which is usually a dry pattern for Kansas. Even with all of the temperature swings we will see for the rest of the week, there's very little chance for any significant moisture. 

Another blast of cold air will be settling south into the weekend. It may not be as cold this weekend compared to last weekend, but it's still going to get your attention. And wind chills Sunday morning will be single digits (and even below zero across northern Kansas)

I'm still getting a lot of questions about snow this winter. Will we have any decent snow storms? It has been a very wet winter for Kansas, but not very white. The next potential snow producing storm could arrive late next week. January 21st (next Thursday) is the date we have locked in on for a potential winter storm. It's too early to know many details, but let's keep an eye on what develops in the west coming up later this weekend. As soon as the storm forms, we learn a lot more about it's potential. Details to come. 

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