Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Calm, mild weather now ... storm is looming

Good Wednesday morning! I know there is a lot of excitement with 60s in the forecast for the end of the week. Some might say that having 60s in winter is just one less day you have to deal with snow and cold, while others will say that getting this warm at this time of year comes with a price. That could be the case for next week.

Take a look at some of the snowfall amounts from surrounding cities:
Oklahoma City: 1.2"
Dallas: Trace
Tulsa: 3"
Little Rock: 5.7"
Springfield: 3"
Kansas City: 5.3"

Wichita is still waiting on the first 1 inch of snow, and we aren't the only ones. Several surrounding towns haven't had much snow this winter. I'm still getting all kinds of requests on Facebook from people wanting at least some snow before winter is over. 

We've been missed by many of the recent big storms. In fact, we haven't had any big snows since some of the early winter storms back in November and December. The pattern has been pretty active for several weeks. Our recent storms haven't been all that intense or had much moisture to work with. 

After all of the warmth this week, get ready for a major winter storm that will likely impact Kansas at the start of next week. There are two particular models that we base most of our forecasting on, and those models agree that heavy snow, wind, rain, and cold will be coming into Kansas Monday and Tuesday.

I'm posting two possible tracks that the forecast models are showing. Both of them are trending south, increasing the possibility that western and northern Kansas could see quite a bit of snow. The concern will be STRONG north winds Monday night and Tuesday, creating blizzard conditions. We don't know how much snow will fall, but even if it ends up being half of what we are seeing on the computer data, we are still looking at potential white out conditions at the start of next week. Enjoy the warm, quiet weather this week because it will be changing very soon.

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