Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Measurable snow possible soon

Welcome to Tuesday and as we continue through this active week of weather, the chances for accumulating snow look to be on the increase. The storm system that is moving through today is not going to be around for very long and it's moisture supply is quite limited.

Chances for light snow and flurries across much of central and eastern Kansas. A few inches of snow will be possible around Topeka and Kansas City, but unlikely to be much more than that.

Storm System #2 (Wed. Night - Thursday)
The computer model data continues to show a storm arriving for the middle of the week. It's coming from the northwest and when they approach from that direction, we often don't get big snows. We don't expect this to be a major winter system, but it could be the first 1 inch of snow for the winter season in several areas.

For Wednesday night - Thursday

Wednesday night - Thursday

Take a look at two different computer models that we use in the forecast center. (click on any image to see it in a larger format) Both of them are pointing toward central and southern Kansas getting the heavier amounts of snow. In most cases, it looks like it will be on the order of 1-4 inches, which is enough to cause some snowpacked and icy roads. While the track of the storm can still change some, the real question will be how much available moisture will be around when the system gets here. Be sure to check in with us later this evening to see how this storm is progressing. For those that have been asking and begging for snow, you just might get your wish before the week is over.

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