Monday, January 25, 2016

Coming soon: early taste of spring!

Welcome to a new week everyone and hope you enjoyed the weekend. After two back-to-back weekends of dealing with Arctic air, is was a little bit of a change seeing some 60s and 70s in southwest Kansas yesterday. More of that kind of weather on the way.

Just an incredible snow event on the East Coast this weekend. Despite the busy, non-stop schedules that so many keep, isn't it amazing how Mother Nature can bring us all to a standstill? As the media covered the storm, it was incredible to see the empty streets in what are otherwise very busy places like NYC and Washington D.C. Just look at some of the snowfall reports from the weekend:

JFK Airport: 30.5
Baltimore-Washington International Airport: 29.2"
La Guardia Airport; 27.9"
Central Park: 26.8"
White House: 13.0"

Snowfall summary
courtesy Chris McBee - Arlington, VA
courtesy Aaron Landry - Washtington D.C.
courtesy Rachel Steetle - Smithfield, PA
The weather in Kansas is about to change in a big way. We've had two rounds of Arctic air and several episodes of slick road conditions recently, but we are headed for some spring-like weather toward the end of the week. So many are already talking about the forecast for 60s by Friday and the weekend. We will see a break in the stormy pattern and with the jet stream pushing back farther north, there will be at least two, if not three days of well above normal temperatures. Looking long range, it doesn't look like we will see a return to stormy weather until the first part of February.

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