Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring-like weekend ahead - then a storm arrives

Feels good to have made it to Thursday and we are having one of the chilliest days we've had in nearly two weeks. But much warmer weather is on the way for the weekend. Look at the 60s we will see on Friday.

And Saturday is even warmer! Probably no record highs this weekend, but it's nearly 25 degrees above average. 

So the storm that is coming in for next week still presents some questions as to the track it will take and how much moisture will be around to work with. The good news is that both models that our forecasts are based primarily on still indicate measurable moisture for a big chunk of Kansas. While there could be enough cold air for some snow in western Kansas by Tuesday night, this is not looking to be a big snow maker at all and very unlikely that this will be some historic March storm. Some thunder will be heard where the rainfall is heavier (south central and eastern Kansas), but the likelihood of severe storms is also quite low.
GFS Model - Tuesday/Wednesday
European Model - Tuesday/Wednesday
We've had some rather dry stretches of weather the last couple of months, so a little moisture would be mighty helpful as spring draws closer. Updates to come!

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