Monday, February 29, 2016

Historic February temperatures & a big shift in the weather pattern coming

Good Monday morning! This has been a VERY warm month of February, so it's not surprise that we are looking to move into 7th place when it comes to warmest February temperatures on record. Check this out:
Highs in the 20s: None
Highs in the 30s: None
Highs in the 40s: 8 
Highs in the 50s: 10
Highs in the 60s: 3
Highs in the 70s: 7
When you add up all of the highs and lows and figure the average, it will likely end up being right around 44. We will look ahead to March averages and stats coming up tomorrow. And look how much of the country is seeing above normal temperatures. The colder air is stuck up around the Great Lakes and there's very little indication of it dislodging and coming south. 

We do have an active week of weather coming up for Kansas, but the storms aren't very strong AND the track isn't favorable for them to be all that significant around here. Storm systems need to dive south and come across the southern Rockies for them to have much of a chance at producing more than just a trace of moisture in Kansas. That may not happen until next week.

The first system of the week is coming right over the Rockies and will encounter some moisture south and east of us. Look where the majority of the rain goes into early Tuesday. It's not a lot, but some areas could see up to .50"

Next week, our pattern begins to shift back to more of a southwest flow aloft, and that should eventually increase our chances for precipitation. It's not likely going to be snow considering how much warm weather will be hanging around, but the finer details will get figured out later this week.

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