Thursday, February 11, 2016

Still some snow left & record watch next week

Our weather just seems so out of whack lately it's not even funny. Just last week, we had a blizzard that dumped over a foot of snow on NW Kansas. And here we are just over a week later with highs around 80 in southern Kansas. The satellite picture from yesterday afternoon shows where snow remains on the ground. Most of it has melted south of I-70, but we still have a way to go up around Colby, Atwood, Goodland, and Phillipsburg (just to name a few)

Colder air is surging south, so it's going to feel more like February from now through the weekend. We continue to be on the western edge of some really COLD air that continues to surge south. The Northeast is going to get blasted with some of the coldest air in years. Our weather looks pretty chilly, but nothing unusual for this time of the year. Saturday still looks to be the coldest day with highs in the 30s and low 40s.

Thursday morning
Spring Fever Warning!!
Next week, spring weather will return. We are looking at some VERY warm air that will spread in from the south and west. The warmup starts kicking in by Tuesday, but becomes much more pronounced by Wednesday and especially Thursday. Expect 60s and 70s Wednesday. Thursday is setting up to potentially break records. I wouldn't not be shocked to see some 80s Thursday afternoon as strong southwest winds continue to pump the warm air in. We are still roughly a month away from the official start to spring, but sometimes the calendar and Mother Nature are just out of sync. There's a good chance some of your co-workers may go missing to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

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