Friday, February 26, 2016

Update on rain chances next week

Just a quick update as we head into a very warm, dry, windy weekend. We still have a storm system coming at us for next week. It should arrive on Tuesday, but the track of the storm is not looking very favorable for moisture in Kansas.

If the track of the storm comes right over the central Rockies (which is looking more likely now), Kansas isn't going to see much moisture. We need the storm to drop much farther south than what is showing up on the computer models now. If it doesn't go south first, it doesn't get a chance to ingest Gulf moisture. 

Take a look at the latest model projections for rainfall next Tuesday.

There could be some MAJOR wind with this Tuesday storm. Gusts over 50 mph look possible. Sure seems like we've had our fair share of wind lately, but there's even more coming next week.

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