Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dangerous heat, but a possible break

There's no better example of a heat wave then what we are experiencing this week. Some of the numbers we are looking are just incredible, but this is July and shouldn't surprise us too much. This is by far the longest stretch of heat that we've seen all summer and some of the hottest temperatures too.

The intense heat that we are seeing this week is driven by the large high pressure stuck right over the central Plains. Under the high pressure, the air sinks and warms up. Back in the summer of 2011/2012, this high pressure system barely moved and we ended up with a record setting number of 100 degree days.

By the weekend, the pattern begins to shift as the big dome of heat moves back to the west. This should allow for a cold front to slide through the area and knock us out of the 100s for awhile. It is questionable as to whether or not we will have thunderstorms, but computer models are indicating at least slight chances.

How are we doing on rainfall for the summer so far?
Take a look at the numbers:

Wichita: 11.23" / +3.93"
Salina: 2.09" / -4.68"
Goodland: 2.81" / -2.44"
Dodge City: 7.53" / +2.52"

The big rains over the 4th of July weekend definitely pushed the numbers highers for several areas of central and western Kansas. 

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