Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Storms, cooler, and then a developing heat wave

So much to go over today with major wind storms moving across central and northern Kansas. Wind gusts close 80 mph have been reported and there have been significant power outages. We have quite a few pictures coming in of trees and power lines down. Winds were measured at 80 mph just one mile west of Hays.

courtesy Matt Schoech
courtesy Coach Kofford - in Russell
We have more heavy rainfall, a brief cool spell, and then here comes a heat wave. The stormy pattern is continuing this week around the Plains, even though not everybody is getting rain. We are dealing with several slow moving fronts that basically end up over Kansas. That's creating the necessary setup to have more active weather. It's no surprise that some still want rain, and others are hoping for a dry spell to get some work done.

Storms Wed. night: A few could develop over far eastern Kansas - an isolated severe storm is possible with some hail and wind

Thursday evening-night: Much better chance for storms developing around Kansas. Highest rainfall will setup over the eastern half of the area. Computer models are indicating there should be some 1-2" plus amounts, and with saturated ground in places, watch for flooding.

Friday evening-night: Another round of some heavy rainfall should move through the state, starting out west and then pushing southeast.

Into the weekend.... Heat Wave Watch!

100 degree days so far:
Salina: 8 Days
Wichita: 3 Days
Goodland: 2 Days
Dodge City: 1 Day

We are looking at a pretty strong high pressure setting up over the area heading into next week. This is going to mean several dry, hot days will be coming to Kansas. Most of our heat waves this summer have been pretty short lived, but this could be the longest spell (which matches up with what is typically the hottest time of year)

I don't expect too many changes heading into our last full week of July, The high pressure looks like it will continue to hang around, so we should be bracing for more heat.

I do see indications that the big dome of heat will retreat back to the west as we approach the first of August. While it's not a guarantee, there is some other supporting data boosting our confidence that a break to the scorching heat may arrive around August 1. So hang in there, this could be a very hot spell for our area.

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