Wednesday, July 27, 2016

History in the tropics - stormy changes for Kansas

It's the longest drought of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico since records began back in the 1800s. There hasn't been a single hurricane develop or move into the Gulf since Hurricane Ingrid back in September of 2013. That means we are well over 1000 days and still counting as there are no hurricanes forecast for the area in the foreseeable future.

Storms on the way to Kansas:
The weather pattern shifted this week, and that allowed us to slip out of the 100s and get away from the excessive heat for awhile. The giant heat bubble this week is over the West where major wildfires are still burning.

Scattered storms should develop across western and northern Kansas into Wednesday evening and night. It's not clear how far south the storms will go before falling apart, but the best chances for rain are shaded in yellow.

The best chance for rain and thunder will come Thursday evening/night across the state. We don't expect a big outbreak of severe weather, but some gusty winds and heavy rainfall are expected. Rainfall amounts are hard to forecast the next few days because of the scattered nature of the rain, but some places could end up with about an inch of moisture.

Highs in the 80s -sound good? That's what's on the way for Friday. It actually looks pretty nice with mostly cloudy skies helping to keep the temperatures down for the end of the week. It will get hotter though and we could see another mini heat wave developing over the weekend into the start of next week. Highs will be approaching 100 for several days beginning on Sunday.

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