Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wet/stormy start to July - more coming

It's great to be back in Kansas, even though it was extremely hard to pass up some beautiful weather in Los Angeles over the 4th of July. I can see why so many like it out there. Afternoon temperatures in the 75-80 degree range with very little humidity. I don't think I saw very many bugs the entire time I was there either.
View from Griffith Observatory - Above LA
Evening in Marina Del Ray
4th of July fireworks - Marina Del Ray

Even though I was hundreds of miles from the Plains, I couldn't help but follow the storms and flooding that was taking place here in Kansas. WOW! I measured over 8 inches of rain at my house and I know there were some of our weather watchers with 10"+ over the holiday. You just can't get that much rain at one time and not expect some problems. Just look at the radar estimates from the last week. A huge swath of heavy rain from western Kansas right down through Wichita. The rain is keeping some farmers out of the field, but you have to admit, our state is looking nice and green for July, and that's not something we can say every year.

Looking ahead, we expect the next chance for storms to arrive into Friday evening/night. Some severe storms are possible, but watch for locally heavy rainfall.

Storms may be scattered again Saturday evening/night, but not everybody will see rain. What rain does fall could once again be locally heavy.

By the time we get to Sunday and beyond, the pattern will start shifting around and hot/manly dry weather should take over for the start of our second full week in July.

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