Monday, July 25, 2016

Stormy in the Pacific; storms in Kansas too

Hurricane season is here and it's been quite active in the Pacific. Pacific storms don't seem to get much attention because they move away from the mainland of the US. So you don't normally see much national media attention. But Tropical Storm Darby passed near the Hawaiian islands over the weekend and there are two more storms that are moving through the Pacific. Hurricane Georgette is a major hurricane now with winds of 130 mph and Frank, a strong tropical storm.

We don't have any areas of development in the Atlantic right now, but it is still very early in the season. Hurricane season in the Atlantic doesn't peak until the first part of September. 

Just about everyone I ran into last week or over the weekend had the same request: cooler weather please. Even the summer lovers seem to agree that anything over 100 is excessive. We won't likely have very many (maybe not ANY) 100s this week. Now the heat index may go above 100 a couple of times, but the air temperatures should be lower. Part of what is going on this week is our large high pressure system has moved back west. We also have a front that will meander over Kansas, helping create some off and on storm chances. So those two factors alone should allow us to stay out of the 100s. I hesitate to show you how much rain could fall, because most of what we will see this week will be scattered. Predicting how much rain and where will be really difficult. 

Have we seen the last of the 100s for the summer? I don't think we have based on the long range trends. Some computer models bring the high pressure system back over the Plains during the 3rd full week of August, which may lead to another mini heat wave. But then again, we still have quite a bit of summer left. This image below is for next week, still showing the center of the high pressure off to the southwest, but it could be close enough to allow our temperatures to warm up to near 100.

Weather pattern next week showing the high pressure "heat dome" just off to the west of Kansas

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