Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Beautiful fall weather - next storm on the maps

Our weather this week is just something else. This is the kind of weather most of us would like to bottle up and save for another day or time of year. It's truly the reason I love fall more than any other time of year.

When I got to work yesterday and started looking at the forecast data, one of the things that struck me was the lack of clouds. Consider for a moment that you could hop in the car and drive 1700 miles to the west coast and not see a single cloud. Or you could drive to southern Canada (a little over 900 miles) and still not encounter any clouds. That's a quiet weather pattern.

This all comes at a good time as we wait for the flood waters to go down in Iowa and across the upper Midwest. We still have some puddles and standing water of our own that need to dry up. However, we are hearing from some of you in western Kansas that need a little more rain.

Forecast rainfall - GFS model
Forecast rainfall - European model
The next chance will come with a developing storm that shows up in the west late in the weekend. The storms will get more interesting to watch because (as we saw last week), some of them will start producing different precipitation types. Forecasting will get more difficult as the weather changes become more dramatic. The next storm looks like it could be fairly impressive, but without much humidity, I don't think we are looking at big rainfall.

Tomorrow on the blog, we will take a closer look at October weather. This is usually a time of year where things begin to get interesting.

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