Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Heavy rain threat continues - more wild swings

I'm back after a little extra time off over the holiday weekend. Hope you had a nice Labor Day. It's been a summer of flooding in many different areas of Kansas. Just look at this abbreviated list of places that have had flooding this summer:
Rose Hill, Mulvane, Ellsworth, McPherson, Wichita, Norton Co., Ellis Co., Decatur Co., Russell Co.
Estimated rainfall from radar (over the weekend) - click on image to enlarge
More heavy rain possible!
Once again, we are up against a slow moving front that will stall somewhere over Kansas, and heading into Thursday/Friday, there's bound to be more pockets of flooding rains. AND Hurricane Newton slammed into Baja California this morning. Some of that moisture will get pulled into the central Plains, which also raises the concern for some heavier rains.

GFS (American Model)
European Model
Fall Weather Watch:
Another big blast of cool, fall weather is coming south and will arrive into the weekend. The humidity will get pushed away and highs may only be in the 70s for Saturday.

Fair Week:
I expect we will see more big temperature swings during the full week of the fair. Computer models are indicating a rather warm start to the week (Monday/Tuesday), but we could be headed back for some fall weather by the middle of the week.

Last week, I put out a month long forecast indicating this would be a rather warm month. So far, that's holding up pretty good. We do have some cooler days in the near future, but they will likely be brief, with warm stretches dominating for most of the month (especially in the second half of September)

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