Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More wet weather - but a break is coming in the pattern

Tuesday is here and we are fast approaching the halfway point of September. The state fair is in full swing and some of you came by the booth when I was there Sunday asking me to turn off the faucet. I don't recall a state fair where so many visitors were saying the same thing. Usually, it is the other way around.

Setup this week:
We do have more rain in the forecast, but here's the real difference from last week to this week. HUMIDITY... you can feel the air is drier than it was last week. We don't have a tropical connection like we did last week. AND, take a look at this satellite picture. There is a high pressure near the Gulf that is shutting the moisture feed down. Bottom line... we will get rain this week, but it won't be the major flooding like we saw last week.

Best rain chances:
There is a storm coming in from the west, and it should arrive Wednesday night - Friday. That's when Kansas will have it's best shot at rain. There are a couple of forecast models that show most of the state getting 1-2 inch amounts.

What can we expect next?
This stormy setup may continue through about the middle of next week (September 21st). After that, for the last 8-10 days of September, the pattern will shift to a west/northwest setup, where we should hit a drier stretch of weather. 

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