Thursday, September 22, 2016

Did you know this about fall? And BIG pattern swings next few weeks

Welcome to fall and almost equal day and night. Why don't we have exactly equal day and night on the equinox? Well, it can be a little complicated, but here's what's happening.
  • Sunrise/sunset is calculated by the time sun's disk is visible over the horizon, or when it fully disappears at sunset - taking several minutes. This time is added to the day and not the night. 
  • The other reason is because Earth's atmosphere bends light, creating an illusion of the sun to rise earlier/set later than it actually does. This adds about 6 minutes to the amount of daylight, which throws off the "equal day and night" from the equinox.
Now that we've had that brief science lesson, let's get into what is coming our way with the storm system headed for Kansas this weekend. 

Dry for Thursday!

Chances for storms will arrive into far western Kansas after 7 p.m. They will be very spotted and unlikely to be severe.

Late Friday/early Saturday:
Rain and a few thunderstorms will try to spread into central Kansas. Again, this should be scattered and non-severe.

Saturday afternoon-night/early Sunday:
Western Kansas sees the rain come to an end, but some of the best chances for soaking rains will be over the eastern half of the state.

Next Week:
We finally see autumn temperatures arriving with highs mainly in the 70s! Should turn out to be a pretty nice week of weather. However, warm weather is over just yet. 
Take a look at this high pressure system that should be setting up early in October! This will likely mean a return to some 80 degree weather (maybe close to 90) for about the first week of October. So it's a little of both coming in the next few weeks. Summer this week, fall next week, and then back to some late summer weather. 

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