Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday - ICE STORM UPDATE ** Few changes

Good Friday morning. Headline to start the day is the storm is a little slower coming in from the southwest. This has not changed the forecast much, other than to push the start of the heavy icing back just a few hours. 

Where is the storm now? - It's still over southern California as I write this at 8 a.m. This is the main driver behind the freezing rain. It comes across Kansas Sunday/Monday time frame. IT WILL BE ICY BEFORE THEN!

Latest ice accumulation from our Future Track model looks like this:

Any freezing precipitation we get between now and Saturday morning will be LIGHT! Not the kind that brings down power lines or trees.

Saturday afternoon - heaviest freezing rain will be focused over southern Kansas

Sunday morning - VERY ICY over much of Kansas - power outages possible (and likely in a few spots)

Sunday afternoon - changing to rain around Wichita/South central Kansas. Western Kansas may still be getting icy weather even Sunday afternoon

Late Sunday night/early Monday - Rain for central and eastern Kansas with SNOW coming into the west. Still looks like northwest Kansas could get 5-8 inches of snow (on top of a thin glaze of ice)
Please be careful out there this weekend. We will have a full staff through the weekend providing coverage of the winter storm. This may not be the worst ice storm to hit the area, but it will be a memorable event after it's over.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the weather prediction and thanks for getting our husbands all in a tizzy. We set sale for Wichita on Friday afternoon to get ready to go to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert which WAS Sunday night. Now we're stuck at the Hyatt watching TV, hitting the hot tub, and gaining excessive pounds eating their yummy pizza. This time the tabs on you. LOL The Joke is on us because the concerts not till Monday night now. We're going to send the bill to your parents at G hole.

makinabetterlife said...

So glad you all are on your game with weather.I have lived in many parts of the U.S. and Kansas weather people are top notch!

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