Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day stats - Big temp changes coming next week

President-elect Trump will be inaugurated today and as we all know, it is an outdoor event and subject to some crazy winter weather. There is a great deal of weather history from that date, but I'm only sharing what I think you'll find interesting. The weather in D.C. today looks wet with rain showers moving through close to parade time. 

*The normal high for the date is 43, which is rather tolerable for wintertime, but how often is the weather actually normal.

*Surprisingly, there is just a 1 in 20 chance of snow for the day (remember this is based on previous inaugurations)

*The most dramatic and tragic was back in 1841 when President William Harrison was sworn into office on a cold, windy day. He caught pneumonia and died just one month later.

*In 1909, the weather was so bad it forced the ceremony to be held indoors. A storm dropped 10 inches of snow on the Capital City and it came with wind too. Just after the President delivered his speech, the snow finally ended.

*The warmest January inauguration occurred in 1981 with President Reagan taking office. The temperatures was a balmy 55 degrees at noon. Just 4 years later for his 2nd inauguration, another record was set. It was the coldest inauguration ever for the Capital City with a noon temperature of 7 degrees. Amazing how Mother Nature works.

*Most snow on inauguration day was in 1909 with 9.8" of snow when President Taft was sworn into office. 

A very active weather pattern will continue for much of the Plains throughout the next 5-7 days. The next system to watch arrives Saturday evening, with a chance for rain showers over southern Kansas. It will be warm enough that we won't have to worry about icy or snowy conditions. 

Beyond the weekend forecast, we anticipate another storm coming into our area next Tuesday/Wednesday. The track of this system has been trending farther north, which lowers the possibility of us seeing snow in Kansas. Some snow is possible by Tuesday evening for the northwest, but it's unlikely to get much farther south than that. We will, however, see much colder air filtering in by the middle of the week. Highs will drop back to the 30s.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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