Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter thaw now - potential late week ice storm

Good Monday morning! Hope everyone had a nice weekend and we are thawing out after a week full of Arctic air. There's a possibility some will get to 60 between now and Wednesday afternoon. The active West coast is creating major flooding in California and some of the wettest weather in over 9 years!!

Our attention will continue to be focused on the west and to the north. Forecast models show Arctic air and moisture colliding right over the central and southern Plains. There is still a great deal of questions, but for more than two days, models have been hinting at the potential of an ice storm for the area. The reason we don't sound an alarm 4-5 days out is because a difference of 2 or 3 degrees can change the entire forecast. We will continue to focus on this setup throughout the week. I'll also go into details on how we get ice and not snow.

The regional setup favors cold air going all the way down into Texas, Arkansas, and southeast Oklahoma. The freeze line is well south of us Friday - early Sunday, so anything that falls would be sticking around for much of the weekend. Some of the models are indicating over an inch of rainfall... which hopefully isn't all ice, or we could have some big problems.

In the meantime, enjoy the milder weather!

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