Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter storm potential - Tuesday update

We are enjoying some very mild weather while we watch and wait for our next big change to arrive in the Plains. California is just getting hammered, but even with all of this moisture, the drought conditions will likely continue. BUT... these big storms will help significantly. Since last Friday, some areas have picked up more than 5-6 inches of rain. Lake Tahoe is up 1 foot since the first of January. May not sound like much, but it's a big increase from a winter storm.

There is a second storm that will hit in California tomorrow and Thursday. More flooding and mudslides are possible. This becomes our storm for the weekend.

There is still a lot of uncertainty as to what will happen with our weekend storm and ice potential. As we promised in yesterdays blog, there will be changes. We are already seeing some of those on the latest models:

  • Storm/precipitation will start later than originally thought - most of Friday should be dry
  • Instead of a solid weekend of ice - there will be icy periods throughout the weekend
    • Saturday AND Sunday mornings could be icy for many around the state

Computer models continue to warm temperatures (but only slightly). Remember, a matter of just a few degrees or shift in the storm track can dramatically change the forecast. So we will keep you update on what we see. But this will weekend storm has a TON of moisture to work with. So regardless of precipitation type, many of us across the Plains this weekend will get some nice moisture. And we can definitely use it! The latest European model is giving some 1-2" amounts of liquid moisture throughout the weekend. 

So please stick with us through the week as we continue to zero in on what will be shaping up.

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