Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Comet visible later this week

If you are interested in what goes on in space, you might find it interesting to know there will be a comet visible later this week in the eastern sky. The official name for the comet is quite long, so it's called "45P" for short and will be visible from February 9th - 12th. You'll want to look east BEFORE sunrise, and of course the darker the sky, the better the view will be.

The comet will have a green color because the center of it will be emitting carbon, and in the near vacuum of space, it glows a greenish color.

How far away is it? - It's the 8th closest comet to Earth, but it's still 7.4 million miles from Earth. In its previous orbit, it was a little closer to Earth, but still 23 lunar distances away.

Best Viewing: You'll probably want some binoculars or a telescope (if you have one). It will look much better with some assistance to the naked eye, but even if you don't have either, you might still be able to see a small part of it with the naked eye.

More Ups & Downs:
Our weather is still in major back and forth this week. Spring weather Tuesday and then it's a reality check that is coming for the middle of the week. It will be a big drop (20-25°) but that only brings us back to near normal after being WAY above for the start of the week.

When is our next storm?
It looks like it could arrive early next week in the form of rain showers for most of the area. Updates will be coming, but it is still several days away yet.

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