Thursday, February 23, 2017

Winter fights back - how about early March?

The statistics on this month of February are just incredible to say the least. We have less than a week to go and still only 4 days with below average high temperatures. But what stands out to me are these stats:

The kind of thing that is going to happen in Nebraska is what many of you probably worry about happening here in Kansas. A foot of snow with strong north winds = blizzard. It's going to be a really rough time for travel for areas just north of us, but we miss the accumulating snow and just get the colder temperatures.

What's next?
We have a very weak system that will come through on Sunday, and it might produce some rain showers for south central and southeast Kansas. This isn't a very strong storm and it's moving pretty fast, but we may have some moisture around at the every end of the weekend. This is something we will be updating you on later today.

Early March - 
Alright, so after this incredibly warm month of February, what are we looking at heading into March? I touched on this late last week, but I don't see any major storms coming our way for now. I don't see anymore long stretches of warm weather like we've had, but instead, more big temperature swings. One of the things I'm looking at (into our first full week of March) is a split jet stream. What does that mean?

Bottom line is that the much colder air will likely be held north of Kansas. So even if we do have a storm system coming through, just looking at the jet stream gives me confidence that our chances of snow are somewhat diminished because of the main jet stream being north of us. Could this change into mid March? Absolutely. But for now, I don't think the first half of March is going to be all that rough on us here in the Plains.

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