Monday, February 6, 2017

Is winter over? Record watch this week!

Good Monday morning and our first full week of February. The forecast for this week will have some of you wondering if winter is over. There's so much warm air headed our way that there will be times this week when you might forget it's still February. 

Record Watch Tuesday:
I don't think we will have a ton of new record highs, but here's a list of the current records:
  • Wichita - 70 - 2009
  • Salina - 74 - 2015
  • Russell - 79 - 2015
  • Garden City - 79 - 2015
  • Dodge City - 79 - 2015
What is going on with our weather and why are we getting so warm this week? 

We are going to be right on the edge of Arctic air this week, so although we do turn cooler by midweek, it's not going to be anything drastic. Most of the really cold air will slide by in the upper Midwest and across the Great Lakes. We will dip back to the 40s for one day, but then another warming trend kicks back in. 

And later this week, we will find ourselves under a large HIGH pressure ridge, which will allow for even MORE warm weather to spread across the Plains. I expect we will likely see more record highs threatened by the end of the week. This is crazy, but there's still a lot of winter left, so we can't get too far ahead of ourselves just yet. 

As far as precipitation is concerned, doesn't look like there will be much of a chance through this week.

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Bella 123 said...

We need at least one more snow! Is there a chance before winter is over?!?

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