Monday, August 7, 2017

Cool & wet week ahead for Kansas

Welcome to another weird week of weather in Kansas this week. Some of you had nice rains over the weekend with 2 and 3 inch amounts reported in spots. It was unfortunate to see the EF2 tornado damage in Tulsa, but just glad that no lives were lost in the storm.

Rainfall from the weekend

For lack of better description, there is basically a fire hose of rain makers pointed right at Kansas this week. These systems are lined up over the Rockies and will be pushing out through the Plains. Most of the rain will get dumped over western Kansas, but there are a couple of time periods in particular that offer up chances farther east. 

Through Tuesday afternoon:
About 98% of the rain will fall west of a Hays to Dodge City line. 

Wednesday - best chance for rain to move farther east:
Our FutureTrack shows scattered rain and storms getting to central Kansas. The best we can hope for might be a 1/2", but we have to take anything we can get (I don't think we will see any big rains)

More chances coming late in the week:
We could be in for more rain Friday/Saturday. The setup won't change much, so scattered rain and storms will push from west to east and almost all of Kansas will have chances. 

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