Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Monthly stats & look what's still coming our way

July is in the books now and it was a dry month (at least for most of the state). Take a look at the map posted below and it shows where we rank compared to normal. The yellow or light tan colors represent 1-2 inches below the average. There was a pocket of big rains up around KC and another in far western Kansas (which is usually begging for rain about this time of year)

July rainfall compared to normal

We just wrapped up the 11th warmest July on record for Salina. We could've made top 10, but the last 6 days of below normal highs knocked us out of the running. Something tells me we're probably all okay with that.

And what we are about to see in Kansas weather is really just incredible for mid-late summer. Unfortunately, the cool weather is probably too late for the corn pollinating, but it does ease the stress on about everything else. Here are the highlights of what's coming:

This should be the hottest day of the week for Kansas as we have a chance of getting back to near 90. But just as the mercury climbs, here comes the next cold front. A few storms are possible Wednesday night, but new data coming in this morning doesn't look very promising for rain.

These are going to be fantastic days. Almost all of the rain is gone by Thursday morning. And, we are in for:
  • lower humidity
  • highs in the 70s/80s
  • light north breezes

Could we be in for some nice rain this weekend?
It's starting to look like we might have some good, soaking rains around the Plains this weekend. We have some active weather rolling out of the Rockies Saturday and Sunday nights, combined with a stalled front in the area. So let's continue to watch this weekend setup. I know it would be a blessing to get a good rain, and there's a possibility it could come together right over Kansas. 


Diana said...

All I can say for this week is ahhhhhhh!

Thanks, Ross!

Carolyn GABEL said...

Please let it rain!!! ��⛈☔️

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