Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How long will the cool air hang around

Cooler than normal weather isn't something we tend to get much of here in Kansas for August. And looking at our 7 day forecast may have you scratching your head a bit thinking we have slipped into September already. But let's look at how long this cool weather might be around for and then we will look at the storm chances for the Plains (for the rest of this week)

First - look at the unseasonably cool weather:

And it will likely stay rather cool through our second week of August.

But then, a pattern shift should be coming toward the middle of the month, which will likely result in some hotter weather for the Plains.We will have to watch and see if this happens, but looking deeper into the month, the heat dome could make a comeback. BUT... when it happens in late August, it usually doesn't hang around for too long. 

The cold front for tonight/Thursday is coming in a little slower!! 

  • We will see some rain and thunder across northern Kansas overnight
  • Chances for spotty storms now extend into Thursday (mainly for southern Kansas)
And this weekend still holds a good chance for some rain to impact Kansas. Saturday during the day and into the night will have the best chance. By the time we get to Sunday, most of the rain will have pushed south of our area.  There's a possibility we could get some rainfall amounts over an inch, but exactly where it sets up will be something to look at for the rest of this week.

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