Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snowfall Update

All kinds of things on my mind this week. I hope things are running smoothly for you this week (at least so far)

People have been talking about the snow and cold this winter. I looked up some numbers for you and actually, we've had our share of snow this winter. I've posted Wichita and Dodge City snowfall information for the winter months and you'll see that both places are above normal.
There is a chance for more snow on Thursday as the temperatures take another plunge. We don't think there will be accumulations with this next round of wintry weather.
We had thunderstorms Monday morning in southcentral Kansas. It really has me thinking about the upcoming severe weather season and it isn't that far off. Don't forget, our severe weather special will air on March 11th at 6:30 in the evening. The focus of the show will be on Greensburg and as always, each member of the Storm Team will have a small part in the broadcast. I know this will be another great show, so mark your calendar.
Alright, enjoy the rest of the week. I like hearing from you when you get time to post comments.


Anonymous said...

I thought we have had more snow than usual. However was wondering how the National Weather Service has come up with what the define as normal. Records of weather haven't been kept all that long when you think of how old the earth is.

Just something that has been on my mind. Glad to hear that most don't think we are going to get much of a snow this time around and hope it is one of the last, so the car can be washed for longer than just one week.

Have a great week everyone!

Ty said...

Thanks Ross for giving us the heads up to the March Weather Special, you're right it will be here soon! Greensburg will be very interesting and I look forward to seeing all of Storm Team 12 participate. It is ALWAYS great to hear from you Ross, thanks for ALL YOU DO not only with the blog, but for KWCH and Wichita! Keep the blogs coming! I too hope others still feel free to comment in their free time...it is fun to communicate and network.

So where is everyone at these days, at least we know Melissa has her computer in the shop. Hope all is well with Stacy, Shelly, Debbie, Jon and any others that visit Ross' blog and comment frequently.

SNOWFALL....not more freaking snow! I was walking around in the fluff of white today and now we are supposed to get more. I knew we were getting more than an average year and Ross just proved it...dang we can almost double our average/normal snowfall to attribute what we've received thus far. Well to help get us thinking WARMER thoughts, I'll provide the countdown, ONLY 34 Days left until the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SPRING! (as of 02/13/08) I agree with Jonathan, I want to wash my vehicle as well, but want to know it won't be covered with the salt/grim from the streets after just a few days!

Well it is Wednesday, lets get over the hump...because the downhill slope of the week seems to go soo much faster and I want to ZOOM passed this next snowfall!!!! Have a great week ALL and stay WARM!!

shelly said...

Hello bloggers. I hope everyone is doing well. With all the flu and colds going around, it doesn't take much to feel bad. But, when that spring weather roles around, that might help a little bit. And, I think most of us can hardly wait for those 34 days to hurry by. (thanks Ty!)

I had a feeling we had above average snow this winter, but I think last year we had snow into April! Correct me if I'm wrong Ross, but didn't we see snow like April 3rd or 4th? It makes me wonder what the latest date for snowfall in Kansas was? But, with the coming spring, also makes me wonder about spring storms. I was excited to hear about the spring weather special, and have my calendar marked. I think it will be great to see how far Greensburg has come in the last year, and see what our Storm Team thinks this year of storms might bring.

Sorry I was gone a couple of days. Spent a couple of days with my Mom celebrating her 80th birthday! I was so glad we had nice weather so we could get out and share some fun times. But, I will say, I don't mind another snow as long as it isn't 9-10 inches. The last couple of snows have melted off pretty fast, and the precipitation has been so nice. But our white van looks more like a dusty tan van.

I hope that Melissa is coping well without her computer, and maybe getting in a little extra horseback riding time. Hope to see more of our bloggers back soon! We miss you! Glad to see Ty back in full force, and hope that our countdown king keeps up the good work!

I'd like to thank Ross too, and all of the Storm 12 Team for their hard work. We all appreciate you!
Have a great week all :)

Stacy said...

Good morning all! Glad to hear from everyone. Have been super busy with work and babysitting my little nephew. So much fun!

I can't believe the amount of snow that we've had this year. My first year back in 10 years and it's been a doozy. Welcome home, but it makes me miss the warm Texas weather.

Am anxious to hear the updates from the Storm Team on Greensburg. Our church has done some volunteer work there too. Thanks Ross for taking part in that; we all appreciate you and your team.

Will definately enjoy today's weather - a little taste of spring is better than none at all.

Have a great rest of the week!

Debbie said...

I am in the Salina area. I don't know if our snow fall is higher or not but it sure seems like it has been. If it was like this every winter I'd invest in a snow blower but about the time I get one we will have a dry winter.

I am looking forward to spring. I would love to catch one of the storm spotter meetings I think it would be great information to have. I think Ross gave us a link in an earlier blog I will have to look back.

Good to read from some of you again. Seems we have all had the bugs going around or have been really busy with work but it is fun to see what everyone is up to. Keep up the contact.

Ty said...

Good Morning Ross and Fellow Bloggers!

I just wanted to wish EVERYONE a Happy Valentines Day. I know for some this holiday is special and for others they hate it, so please don't be offended, just know there is always people out there that care about you.

What a beautiful day it was outside yesterday, I only got to really enjoy it from the drive home from work, but it was nice to feel the warmth.

I know a number of people have been sick this year, myself included, and it is continually going around unfortunately. I hope that the warmer weather gets here soon as that seems to help reduce the number of people affected by the cold/flu season. Remember, constant handwashing is always beneficial in stopping the spread of bacteria. :-)

Speaking of warmer weather, ONLY 33 Days left until the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SPRING (as of 02/14/08), and I sure hope it brings WARM weather with it.

I hope everyone has a great day and isn't too busy to drop a note on the blog! We LOVE to hear from YOU!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the weather yesterday and the first part of today before the cold front went through. Saturday looks like some nasty weather may be, hope that it doesn't turn out that way.

btw Ty, I changed my name from Jon to Jonathan. Sorry for the confusion.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Melissa said...

Hey everyone!!
Happy Valentines Days!! I finally made it back!! Wow, I think I actually went through some withdrawals ahaha. So the past week has been pretty much a roller coaster ride with the nice weather then back to the cold. At least it keeps things interesting.. and probably keeps you on your toes, Ross!

I will definitely mark my calander for the March special. I can't believe its T minus 33 days! I'm excited because my favorite time of year is when spring training starts.. (although all the HGH drama is going on, I'm a HUGE baseball fan!! Go Red Sox!)

Anyway, I hope all of you that are/were sick get better soon! I hear there is a pretty bad virus going around.

Ty-Any baby yet!!!??! LOL Rodeo says hi!
Good to hear from you all again, Stacy, Shelly, Debbie and thanks Ross for all the updates!

shelly said...

Yeah Melissa! So glad to have you back! I'm glad that you survived the withdrawls, and hope you were able to enjoy the nice weather with the horses! It is also good to see that Stacy is getting alot of nephew time, cause we can't get enough of them as they grow up. Such a precious time. And Debbie, I see that the Salina storm spotter meeting is March 14th at Nickell Barracks. I am thinking of going myself. I have always wanted to see one and learn more.

Well, I'm ready for warmer weather! I try soaking in these 50's, but then reality bites with 30's again. I'm also very upset with K-State losing to Texas Tech the other night. What's up with that!!

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day, and had at least a little love to warm up the day! Have a great weekend all!

Stacy said...

Well, it's finally Friday. Glad to see everyone back on the blog again. Hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day or as some refer to it as Single Awareness Day =).

Not looking forward to the weather this weekend. I wish the forecasting was wrong; no offense Ross, but this yucky weather is no fun. I'm sure it makes your job more interesting though.

Hope everyone feels better and has a safe and warm weekend! Talk to everyone later.

i heart ross said...

chief, when are you going to come over and play rock band? i've got some homebrew with your name on it and i'm ready to rock out.

Ty said...

BURRRR......sounds like its going to get worse out there still. Drive safe everyone. ONLY 31 Days left until the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SPRING (as of 02/16/08).

Jonathan, thanks for the clarification on the name, definately helps, I wasn't sure if you were the same person or not?

Melissa, no baby yet....getting closer each day! I'll let you'll know and I'll post a pic of me and my baby! :-) Also just an update today was my last day at Petsmart, just going to focus on my full time job and life! Going to have so much more going on at home now.

I am looking forward to the storm spotter meeting, I hope I will be able to attend! Also the March Special sounds great, I'm sure you'll remind us again when it gets closer too for those of us that are forgetful right Ross?

Well have a great weekend everyone and think warm thoughts everyone so hopefully our spring like weather will arrive sooner than later!

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