Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time to Guess Again!

I've decided that our spring guessing competition should have something to do with severe weather. I had you guess the first one inch of snowfall in October and November and Mack was the winner. Here is the question for you to answer:
When will the first tornado warning be issued for Kansas?(Date and Time)
Please include the county too, just in case we have a tie.

The lunar eclipse will happen tomorrow night at 10 p.m. local time. I'm still a bit uncertain about sky conditions at that time, so check the blog later today or in the morning for an update. It will be awesome if we can see it. It will turn red, orange, an maybe even turquoise. The total eclipse will last for about an hour. Can you stay awake that long?

I'm not really a man of wisdom, but I have a quote for the day. When someone means something in your life, make sure to tell them everyday. It could make all the difference in the world. Have a good one!


Anonymous said...

Great quote Ross! I love inspirational quotes like those..I'm going to have to add that one to my quote book! :)

My prediction for your next contest is for March 20th at 5:55 pm. I guess I'll choose Harper county.

Anonymous said...

Good quote also, something we should all try to do everyday.

I don't know if I will be able to stay outside for an hour tomorrow night if the sky is clear enough with the way the weather is to cool down.

My prediction is going to be for March 18 at 4pm. Ford County.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Mack said...

Hey Ross,
April 18th, @ 3pm Barber or Harper County.
Take care
Mack =)

Melissa said...

Okay, so I just watched the weather and I am definitely looking forward to the lunar ecplise tomorrow night, but the question is not weather I can stay awake, it's can I stand the freezing weather after a day like today! I will get the hot chocolate ready and see if I can get some decent pictures before I freeze! (I doubt I will make it more than 10 minutes outside!)

Anyway, I think the first warning will be Harper county April 4th at 4:44 pm. (4/4 at 4:44?? Hmmm.) We'll see!!

I agree, Ross, that's a great quote and so true. You never know what's going to happen and what kind of difference you can make. (I personally don't like wondering "what if" and am pretty blunt)

Have a good night everyone!

Anonymous said...

I love that quote! Nice work Ross! My prediction is March 18 at 5:23pm for Sherman County or Greeley County. Sorry I had to choose 2.

Anonymous said...

I think you should have your dog at work all the time. She could be the station mascot. :).

I think the first tornado warning will be April 20th, 6:00p.m. Ellis county. V

AJ said...

Ross my guess is April 6th, Reno Co.

shelly said...

OK Ross, my guess is March 24 at 2:12pm in Trego county.

I really loved the quote...what a cool thing to share! I think you should have everyone on the blog have a chance to offer up their favorite quotes....something for all of us to share about each other!

I really want to see the lunar eclipse tonight. So far the skies over Salina are good, but it is dang cold out there! Maybe I can go out a few seconds at a time and grab some pics!

Everyone stay warm and safe...there may be travel problems on thursday and friday, so beware all! :)

Ty said...

Good Evening Everyone,

Ross THANK YOU for the inspirational message, those really are words to live by...keep them coming! Also it is nice to see more bloggers on the page! :-)

I have to admit though that I am a bit bummed this evening about the cloud cover over Kansas tonight, but unfortunately nothing anyone can do about it. We however are not the only ones being blocked by cloud cover this evening, much of the nation is as well. Unfortunately many will miss this extraordinary event!

Some of us around here anyhow may feel a sense of relief now that they don't have to battle the artic like winds that would be slicing through this evenings air as they were attempting to gaze at this rare event, doing everything in their power to stay warm. I know their will always be another chance, I guess I was just lookin' forward to it even though I've been busy.

As for my prediction and I am such a bad guesser, but I will say March 25th, 2008 at 6:30PM Pratt County. I decided to wait and give SPRING a chance to set in here in Kansas. So I'll give it about a week after the first official day of Spring, which by the way is only 27 Days away (as of 02/20/08) because it falls on March 19th this year!!!. Since I heard Ross say he was counting down with us at the 9pm weather on Fox New, here is the Ross' BlogOFFICIAL UPDATE! :-)

Have a great week everyone! Stay warm and drive safe with this slick stuff moving its way over our state this evening!!

Warm weather, please come back SOON and stay for good!

Oh and no baby yet...

i heart ross said...

I wish we could have seen the eclipse yesterday. Of course I wish I could have been enjoying a cup of hot chocolate watching the eclipse with my favorite kwch future chief meteorologist...

shelly said...

Yes, well....we ALL like hot chocolate!

So far, no road problems here in the Salina area, so I think we are lucky ...but I hear more might be coming our way.

I was sad that we missed the eclipse last night. I was even ready to brave the cold. I think the clouds came in here right before 10pm, and our hopes were dashed right at the last hour! So when is the next chance Ross? Is it true it is a couple of years?

So Ty, still no baby? Maybe that should have been Ross' guess question! Hope all is well for you, and for all bloggers...stay warm!

Anonymous said...

My prediction is April 16 at 3:15 p.m. in Sherman and Wallace counties. Randy

Anonymous said...

My guess is March 23 at 6:03 pm in Rice county.

Bryce Kintigh said...

I'll go with Wallace County on March 19th. I caught one of the first tornadoes of 2007 out there on March 28, 2007, so why not think a little earlier than that big outbreak? I'll go with 3:56 pm.

67204 said...

Pratt County, March 16, 2008,
4:08 P.M.

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