Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Awww, Springlike Feel

When will the first tornado warning be issued for Kansas?(Date and Time)Please include the county too, just in case we have a tie.
That is the question that you can answer in hopes of winning some KWCH gear. Yes, it will probably include an umbrella. We will take your guess up until March 10th.

I'm getting ready to drive to Greensburg to see the town for myself. This will be my first trip into town since it was hit almost a year ago. You'll be able to see the story in the weather special that is coming up on March 11th.

The weather is looking good the next few days. Warmer conditions and not much in the way of wind. There could be some thunderstorms in Kansas this weekend, mainly Sunday. This will be something to track through the next few days, but right now, I would expect the severe weather chances to be just east of our area. I guess March will be coming in like a lion! Millie says hello to all of you bloggers!


Debby936 said...

I was at the school in Greensburg while y'all were filming & can't wait to see the finished project. Hot camera guy!

Melissa said...

The weather was great today!! I went out and took Rodeo for a walk and enjoed it as much as I could, knowing it may not last very long!

Love the pic of Millie!! Rodeo says hi to Millie as well!

I hope you had a good trip to Greensburg. I am looking forward to the weather special.

Lets hope it stays!

Anonymous said...

That dog is almost as cute as you!! How adorable! Good luck in Greensburg!

shelly said...

What a great day in Kansas today!! And did someone say spring?? I heard a rumor that it could even be nicer as the week goes on. How great is that!

Our goldens had to have a nice walk too Melissa, and they sure loved it. I'm hoping a nice walk is in the works everyday for the rest of the week. I'm sure Rodeo loved it!!

The pic of Millie is so cute! I know she is a Corgi, Ross. But is she what is called a Cardigan Corgi? She kinda looks like she has on a cardigan sweater (a giveaway for that breed) She definitely a camera natural!

The special sounds great...can't wait to see Greensburg anew.

Hope all is going well for Ty and family...anxious for the news! Have a great Thursday all....

Bryce said...

I haven't technically seen Greensburg proper yet either. I was chasing the night of the Greensburg tornado, but I was north of Hays on a separate tornado-warned storm. Of course the next day, we were all around Stafford and Great Bend and saw plenty of tree, crop, and irrigation sprinkler damage. I definitely look forward to seeing the severe weather special in two weeks!

Ty said...

Howdy All & Happy Leap Day!

Hope all went well in Greensburg the other day Ross, I look forward to your March Special!

Update for the first official day of Spring, we only have 18 more days to go (as of 02/29/08)!!! I hear the weather has been nice but I just finally stepped outside for the first time today. I've been at the hospital and for those that knew we were expecting, I have a SON!!! His name is Caden Ashton James and he was born on 02/27/2008 at 10:22AM via c-section. He was 9lbs 14.3oz and measured 18 1/2 inches long. Both he and mom are doing great! Well I just stopped home to grab a few things and I'm headed back.

Keep in touch everyone and thanks Shelly for the e-card, that was very sweet. Great pic of Millie, thanks for sharing Ross. Hey Melissa hope all is well, say hi to Rodeo for me. I updated my pics on my blogger for those that want to check it out the page...

Take care everyone! Oh and I also hear that today is Bachelor's Day, so for those that this applies to...Have a great day! I find it odd though that you only get a day once every four years??? I wonder why that is? Something to ponder I guess.

I'm outta here...later all.

eltino said...

Ahhhh - Millie is so cute - she's grown! Keep this weather coming - I love it! Roxanne was up here at my office this morning - she made my day.

ElTino - I think I need a new name!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new baby boy Ty, what an exciting time for you and your family!!!!!

What a great day today was. Couldn't have asked for a better leap day.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

shelly said...

Just a quick congratulations to Ty and his wife on the arrival of Caden! I am so happy that everyone is well, and that you are both enjoying a brand new baby boy!! What a miracle! Our family wishes you all continued blessings!!!

Leap Day was phenomenal!! But I hear that March might be coming in like a lion. Hold on to your hats everyone and enjoy your WARM Saturday!

Oh....go K-State!!!

Anonymous said...

your dog is so cute and funny

Katie Johnson from sterling ks

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