Saturday, February 16, 2008

Upcoming Lunar Eclipse & Something Special

I know there is a bunch of sickness going around, so if you've been sick, I hope you are feeling better. The International Space Station was visible over Kansas the last couple of evenings, but did anyone see it? The clouds blocked our view Saturday night, but someone may have seen it Friday night.

There is a lunar eclipse coming up this next week. It will take place on February 20th, Wednesday, and it will be a total lunar eclipse, which means the moon will turn red and maybe even turquoise. We had one not too long ago; I remember blogging about it and we had perfect viewing conditions. The moon will be full this week, the weather will be quiet, and we should end up with optimal viewing conditions. We may have some clouds arriving late Wednesday night, but I'm still optimistic.

If I remember correctly, the last lunar eclipse was really early in the morning, but this one will be viewable before bedtime (at least for most of us)
On another note, our weather special is coming together and will air on March 11th at 6:30 p.m. It will focus on the Greensburg tornado, but there will be some other small pieces included in the special.
I'm preparing another blog contest for the upcoming spring season. I'll have more details coming up soon, so tell your friends and family to be looking for details in the next week or so.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you letting us know about the upcoming events. I really enjoy your BLOG's. You do a great job Ross. Hope KWCH knows what an asset you are. All the weathermen at Channel 12 do a great job. It's a great team and hopefully the station knows what a great team they have. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross, I saw the spacestation friday night. I couldn't believe how bright it was and how quick it moved over the sky outside of Hutchinson. Randy

Stacy said...

Am anxious to see the lunar cool! Sorry I missed the space station viewing.

Can't wait to hear more about the blogging contest too.

Thanks for the warm weather Ross...makes it easier to get up and go to work in the mornings.

Melissa said...

Well, sadly I think I just got hit with the cold everyone else has been dealing with. I really thought I was going to miss it!! I cant remember the last time I got the virus everyone else had. Guess it's my turn now!

I miss the last lunar eclipse. I think you're right, Ross, it was in the early morning and I think I was too comfy in bed to get out! =) I will be looking this Wednesday for sure!!

Other than that, looking forward to spring. Whats the count, Ty? Hope everyone has a good week! Talk to ya'll soon.

Ty said...

Howdy Ross and Gang,

Thanks Ross for the heads up on this upcoming lunar eclipse, I'm definately excited. KWCH has some great information/links on lunar eclipes and details on photographing it. It will be a busy week but I will definately try to get out and take some photographs if time allows. I stayed up late the last time we had a lunar eclipse (Fall '07 I think), but it didn't arrive until around 5am I think. I am definately the night owl, not the early bird!!! (grin)

Also sorry to hear your sick Melissa, say hi to Rodeo for me. Remember to take care of yourself so this stuff doesn't drag on. Hope everyone else has fought this stuff off, it really has been bad this year.

I am still lookin' forward to the storm spotter training session for Wichita on March 11th. I definately plan to be there. Who else is going to attend?

Have a great week everyone and remember only 29 Days left (yes...less than a month away now) until the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SPRING (as of 02/18/08)! Warm weather, please come back and stay for good!

PS - Still no baby yet :-(

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