Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Winter That Never Ends

It seems like this winter weather is never going to go away. I know there are some out there that really enjoy the snow, but I'm sure a survey would show that most of us are ready for the warmth.

Keep the guesses coming as to when you think the first tornado warning will be issued for Kansas. Just pick a date and time, and county in case there we have a tie. The winner of our first blog contest received an umbrella and a bunch of other KWCH stuff (just ask Mack, the winner of our first contest)

Our weather special will air on March 11th at 6:30. We had a huge setback in the production of the show this last week, but we are still excited about the show. My little segment will deal with the rebuilding of Greensburg. I'll be traveling there on Wednesday to talk with those who suffered through the storm. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Anonymous said...

I was expecting the snow myself today, but glad to see we will be up in the 50s tomorrow.

Hope everyone has had or is still having a great weekend. I can't wait till the weather special, look forward to it every year.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I slept through the weather forcast last night, so the snow was a bit of a surprise as I walked out my door this evening. I like one or two snows a year, but I've had my fill. Bring on the springtime temps!

Ty said...

I agree that I have had my share of snow this year as well. We are way above average! All I can say in consolation is that it looked very pretty falling; especially around 5pm yesterday out in West Wichita because those flakes of snow were HUGE!

Well I keep hoping that Spring will get here soon and am hoping that the first official day of Spring, which is now only 23 Days away (as of 02/24/08), brings lots of warmth to stay!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I agree Jonathan, lookin' forward to the 50-degree temps today!!!! How is everyone else doing? Staying busy? Staying Warm? Hey Melissa how are you and Rodeo doing? Stacy & Ross, how are you and your nephews doing? Shelly how are you and how much snowfall did you get in Salina? Anyone else with updates in their lives (Debbie, Marisa, others???? :-)

Anything exciting going on around Wichita these days? I've been working a lot lately and focusing on the arrival of the baby (which still hasn't happened), I haven't quite been myself lately.

We did manage to get in a movie, Jumper. It was a very different movie but we both enjoyed it as well. Sci-Fi action movie, it was good; I'd give it a 7 1/2 on a 10 scale.

Keep blogging everyone! Always great to hear from everyone. It looks like we already have more participation now than we did with the last contest!

Stay Well Everyone! Think Warm Thoughts!!!!

marisa said...

What a weekend with all of this crazy weather. You gotta love living in Kansas.

Ty, thanks for the small review on Jumper. I don't like a lot of sci-fi stuff but I kind of want to see that movie. I will have to add it to the growing list of movies I want to see but don't ever have time for.

Debbie said...

The snow was pretty in Salina too. Big white flakes not much wind it just fell and clung to the trees. Didn't last long though most of it is already gone.

I am definitely ready for the warmer weather though I would much rather be outside.

I am not much for the sci-fi stuff either. I did see Definitely Maybe recently it was a good story.

Hope everyone stays warm. I haven't made my guess yet I am thinking it is going to be later at night than what has been predicted so far. We'll see. Debbie

Melissa said...

I am ready for the warm weather!! I went running this morning before work (around 9am) and it was B-E-A-utiful! Then, when I went outside around 2, I was freezing! Gotta love Kansas weather.. not to mention the Kansas wind!

Debbie, I also saw Definitely, Maybe. I thought it was great! But then again, the hopeless romantic comes out in me hahaha.

Well, I look forward to Wednesday. Maybe another run OUTSIDE??? (instead of at the gym!) Good news though, I leave for Tampa March 27th! I can bring some warm weather back with me =)

Anonymous said...

YES!!Yes! Give me warmth!!! Not a fan of cold weather...on a lighter note, I am uber excited to see this weather project!! I visitied the news studio last week on Friday, and I'm assuming the setback was loosing the folder...? So, I'm assuming you guys found it! Yay! It would really be bad if you had to redo all of that! Weren't you working on it in January? I am in a video production class, and when one of our folders go missing, we are not happy campers. Best of luck with completing the weather project! As I said, I am looking forward to it!

shelly said...

Hi everyone, and glad to see all my blogger friends are doing well!

Yes, as Debbie said, the snow in Salina Saturday night was pretty, and I didn't even know it was supposed to snow! We had about 3 inches, and it's all history already. It sounds like the rest of the week will be decent, so maybe we can all get outdoors a little!

Still no baby for Ty...maybe getting a little anxious? Hope that all continues to go well for you both and that there is GOOD weather for the occasion. Sending lots of good luck for you!

Stacy and about some nephew updates! You know, we need a Millie update too. We haven't seen her for a bit. Our Goldens are sure happy to have some warming temps for longer walks. Those quick around the block walks just aren't getting it anymore. Just 3 more weeks until the big day, right Ty?

It's starting to get easier to tell the days are getting longer. I am glad about that! I like having longer evenings to get out and do things. We are all getting excited about the weather special too Ross...looking forward to seeing what's happening in Greensburg.

Everyone have a warm week, and keep us posted Ty!

Bryce said...

No joke...this winter has been brutal. I got to experience a week without power in Manhattan, 8 inches of snow on top of it a week later. Although it was fun driving in heavy sleet and hail while watching intense lightning. I'm looking forward to 70's on Saturday and thunderstorms Sunday!

Ty said...

Howdy All,

Ross I hope you have a safe trip to Greensburg. Can't wait for the weather special. Should be GREAT!!!!

The first official day of Spring countdown continues... now only 20 Days to go (as of 02/27/08)!!! I am getting more eager by the day, thats for sure! That wind was brutally cold on Mon/Tues!!!

Something that has had me a bit distracted lately is awaiting the arrival of our 1st bundle of joy, which we now know will happen tomorrow. So I also won't be around for a few days more than likely but I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

(For those that want to know though we have a C-Section scheduled for tomorrow morning due to baby size, supposedly around 9lbs 14oz, so there will be a new arrival very soon {wink})!

I'll post something once I have access to a computer as well! Maybe I'll sneak up to work and send a quick note?

Take care everyone and hope all is well with everyone!!!!


shelly said...

Congratulations TY!!!!!!!!!!
So very happy for you both. Almost a Leap Year baby, but not quite!! Wishing you and your new family many happy blessings and hope that all goes very well for everyone!! Will be anxious to know all the details concerning date, time, size and of!!! Thank goodness Ross and Merrill have conjured up some great weather for the rest of the week!! What a blessing!!

Hope that everyone enjoys some great warm weather and sunshine this week. Ross, hope all went great in Greensburg! Should be very interesting to watch!!

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