Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Day 2008

So the Groundhog saw his shadow on Saturday, which means 6 more weeks of winter. Millie says we will have an early spring, so let's see which one is a better long range forecaster. According to the records, Phil has seen his shadow 97 times in the last 121 years. There have been 15 years where he did not see his shadow, which leaves 9 years where there was no record of his prediction. I was scrolling through some of the pictures from this years event and I thought this one was just fitting for the election that is coming up this year.

We will be going through some changes in the weather pattern this week, so expect some big fluctuations in the temperatures through the next 8-10 days. There will be some 60s this week, but there will also be some days in the 30s too. Tuesday will be one of those days.

In an effort to keep the blog somewhat professional, I'm trying to keep some of my personal life out of the blog. I appreciate each and every one of you and your comments are always fun to read. The regular bloggers (and you know who you are) do a great job of keeping it interesting and I want you to continue to post the things that may be on your mind, or questions you have about the weather. Questions about my relationship status are not ones I want to continually discuss, and I hope that everyone will understand. What did you think of the Super Bowl?


Melissa said...

Hahah, Awesome picture! I really hope Phil is wrong this year! Looks next weekend might be a little sneak peak of spring. Hopefully it stays this time. If not, I may have to take a vacation somewhere warm and I guess that would okay too ;) GO PATRIOTS!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for always being the best! Keep blogging it's fun!

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that Millie is the more correct predictor than Phil. But the Groundhog tradition has been one with us for a very long time so it is good that we continue that tradition.

I don't want any team to win really, I don't want to hear how the Patriots are the best team ever, and don't really want to hear about the Manning brothers being the best in the NFL either, either way this Chiefs fan has to put up with it.

I wish they would play the Super Bowl outside so the weather could be a factor.

Understood and completely agree Ross. Enjoy the Super Bowl also!

akele said...

I also hope Phil is wrong. I enjoy the days in the 60s, it makes running outside so much better.

Stacy said...

Dang Phil, I'm voting for Millie! I'm loving today's temp, but not tomorrow. Hopefully, the spring like weather will last.

Millie was so cute last night and it sounds like she's more behaved than you Ross, ha ha!

It was a great game last night. I was disappointed that Green Bay wasn't in it though. Was really rooting for Brett Favre, so maybe we'll get to see him play one more year!

Have a great week everyone!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Hey! Love the weather today!!! Too bad its not going to stay for long! I'm getting off work now.. going out to enjoy it while I can. Ross, is the weekend weather going to be as nice as today or a little cooler?

Anonymous said...

I hope Millie is the better animal forecaster (of course, we all know Ross is actually the best!). I'm not too crazy about today's weather...I'm not a big fan of scraping windows. No scraping necessary with days like yesterday.

Speaking of not being a fan, I don't care much for football. However, part of me wanted the Patriots to win so they could have the record perfect season. But another, more sinister side thinks it is hilarious that the Giants won. The Pats only lost one game, but it was the only one that counted. HA!!!

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